Friday, June 24, 2011

Kisah AKU n Andai Itu Takdirnya..

Hari ini nak berbahasa Inggeris ye..muet aku Band 3 so, faham-faham je la kalau ada grammatical error..

3.00 CGPA + Band 4 for MUET : Congrats chap, you're now declared a prestigious BLS student. I did not care about the CGPA matters, I managed to scored 3.44 for that, exceeded 0.44 for the admission requirement. Then, surely some people will say:

Hey boy, stop talking big in front of are not a law student anymore, or you just said that because of you want to cover your failure..shame on you!!

Nope guys, you're making such an insolence judgement upon me. I did not mean to talking big in front of you, I just wanted to stay positive, it can help and guide me to cheer up myself after suffering a numerous of problem in the last 2 months. If I take it for granted, I will probably commit suicide after knowing this recent news.

Oh UiTM, now I starting to hate your system - admission requirement,I don't want to touch about the quota system as I highly respect the Article 153 of our Federal Constitution. Can you imagine, I nearly score that damn Band 4 in this second attempt, then, I saw another hope - appeal Farid. I made my way through post office at 6 o'clock, having paid some RM 70 excluding the transportation, stamp and miscellaneous costs and what I got - nothing. Yesterday, I realised that UiTM and FUU will not take any word from us who waiting for the appeal result. I was like : "Oh my god, that was really a heart breaking news" and guess what - my heart felt really shattered and scattered and it was like "that's the's truly the end.". Angry and annoyed with that, I feel like want to commit suicide but I managed to keep my faith - no Farid, this is not the end of the world.

Sometimes, I'm wondering why Allah gave me another hope. When I got the result- Band 3. End Game. Then, Allah guide me to another way - appeal.Having demoralized, I regained my strength. Lets go, Farid - Let us take this chance. Okay , I feel very relieved when my name is on the system 2 days ago and then yesterday, Allah closed the only door for me- the recent news at the ASASIAN CHAT ROOM. Why Allah?? I felt like being tricked. But, soon I realized, maybe Allah did not want me to pursue law as He is surely prepared an incoming great journey for me.

My mother said : "Abang, you always got what you want..our life is like a ring, it's circle, sometimes we might be at the bottom, sometimes at the top.". Yes, it's true, before this I always achieved a numerous victory. I got 6As on PMR, I got 5As on SPM..(surely the straight As student will said "Come on, it's just half of our As." then I will replied "Who care about your result genius?? - I'm satisfied with this result - I never target much as I know my potential - so, mind your own business..) That's why I did not care about top scorer student. OK, let's continue, I managed to join law faculty for foundation program, and I remembered, one of my teacher, Mdm Noreha said to me "I think, you're the first from this school to join the law faculty..". And guess what, I felt so honoured with that and of course, being on top. Recently, people keep asking me..
"Hey boy, are you working here, how old are you??"
"Yes, I'm trainee..err, I'm 18 going to 19.."
"How much they pay for your allowance??"
"RM 1200 per month..why??"
"Oh god, 1.2 K per month, I'm 25 and I only earn 2're such a lucky person.."
TEEETT!!..Honoured again and still feel like on the top.

But now, the tide is turning on another direction. I was rejected by the one who I really care about her, that I really love. My family was disorganized - I failed to become a good leader and example to my brother. I only got Band 3 and will probably being kicked by FUU and my father is now at Sudan which I'm really fear about the possibilities of violence, bombardment, skirmish will rage on there..What about his security and safety there. You know what, this is the most suckest 2 months in my life.

Of course, I will continue to assist my trainer - contract manager at the office by referring the contract, company and business law. These was history but I could not resign - I still have the legal knowledge favour by them - they still did not know that I'm failed to further my law degree . Finding the possibilities of contract being revoke, void or whatsoever legal maxim is proved easy enough for me now but by god, it's really an annoying job to do now. Why I shall stick to this task although I'm already informed on my status now, or else, I should switch my trainer to financial manager of the company, perhaps he will help to guide me on accounting or business.

So, finally, I just hope that MPM could reward me that precious Band 4 after my non-stoppable problems although it's useless but I'll be honour.


  1. i baru dpat result muet n probably so sad coz i lg 1 mrkah nak band 3, yaa i know im not in english but ewhy mpm takde belas kasihan bagi je 1 mrkah tu dkt i and i ingat nak buat semak semula result yg akan tutup on 16jan tp i takut i kecewa, so wht do u thnk any suggest?? i da blank asyk pk pasal muet eventhough i got cgpa sgt terbaik but my muet yg i takut tak membolehkan i continue mystudies

    1. Kalau nak apply untuk rayuan try lah, sebab maybe 1 markah je lagi - mungkin boleh diambil kira, macam kes saya 4 tahun lepas, beza lagi 5,so pada diorang still agak jauh dan terlampau berlembut kalau luluskan. Suggestion saya, try je appeal. Of course ada cost-benefit nya, if nothing change - u rugi dari segi admin cost tu, but if berjaya - u dapat lah Band 3 tu. Awak nak sambung kos apa ni? and memerlukan Band berapa?

    2. Kalau mcm kes saya ni, saya pun memerlukan lagi 5 marks nak dapat band 4. And i really need that marks sbb course saya tu at least kena band 4. Agak2 kalau rayuan, mpm boleh ke bg lagi 5 marks tu?? :(

    3. Yang tu saya tak berani jamin because it's depends on the MPM jugak. But, no harm kalau nak appeal. Mana tau ada rezeki, buatnya pulak ada 5 marks yang diorang review balik