Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kisah AKU n Wk 1 Review

Assalamualaikum, mesti korang semua tertanya-tanya kan apa yang aku nak review ni. Since aku pun dalam attachment period, allow me to review perjalanan minggu first aku kat company ni..hii
Ok lah, first of all let me give you a briefing about my attachment. I'm designated as a student attachment here and expected to complete my P.O.A until 30th of July 2013.
Basically, my task here is to complete a written report about the company's profile and the scope of my report is largely supported from what I've learnt before at UiTM. What can I say upon finishing this report, it is focused on the management particularly on the Human Resource Management, as well as Quality Policy that they applied in managing the company. In addition to that, several area such as Organizational Behavior and POLC are also been taken into consideration.
This is the draft for my report. I'm working for three days to establish a detailed draft, totaled around 20 pages. (only for the draft? HOLY SMOKE!!)
As a part of my attachment here, I need to work with the IT Division that is responsible to supervise the company's IT operation. This division is currently working to improvise the company's webpage. And from that purpose, I'm responsible in collecting the information (in-report) and hand in to the respective PIC for further improvement. We're looking forward to improvise it with all areas of information, not just restricted to the core business, but it will cover the history, background, structure, quality policy and etc.
(Picture kat atas ni webpage yang aku try create sorang-sorang, sebab semalam En. Nidzar tak masuk office untuk review draft yang aku dah buat - bila dah takde kerja nak buat, ini lah jadinya - noted that pic ni bukan Onyx's actual web sites)
Ok dah la tu speaking - untuk purpose report je..Nanti copy paste je la, haha. Ni pagi Khamis, hujan..sejuk gila dalam bas even tutup aircond. 
Pagi Jumaat, cuaca macam biasa - tak panas sangat. 
Sembahyang Jumaat di Masjid As-Syakirin, KLCC. Dah lama tak dengar khutbah dalam English..huu, mantap betul..:-)
The Pride of Malaysia - Petronas Twin Towers, berharap sangat dapat join company ni macam ayah aku..:-)

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