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Kisah AKU n Battle of London, 1810

For those who did not have an idea of what the hell actually it is - please read Chapter 1 - Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, 1808. Thank You.

With the fall of Moscow, Napoleon now can turn his vision towards capturing London; the English is the last remaining enemy of his empire. General Nicolas Oudinot had already occupied Ireland and Scotland, while an army of Moreau has successfully seized Gibraltar. The only hope for the English monarch relies on both Nelson and Wellington. If Nelson can protect the English channel from the growing French Navy, the reinforcement from the Europe mainland could be resist, while shall Wellington crossed and land straight into the France territory, the French could be shaken as they were no standing army near France, the Emperor and his elite army may reach France in a short time.

English isles, General Andre Massena set up a defensive perimeter near Oxford while covering Oudinot manoeuvre to protect the left flank of Edinburgh. To the north, the French under General Dominique Van Damme successfully secured Cardiff without any resistance from the Britons.
General Alexander Abercrombie, having defeated by Oudinot at the Battle of Edinburgh quickly rally his troops and attack the weak lines of French army under Massena near York.
But, they were driven back - thanks to the brave charge of the 15th Chevau-Legex Lancer.
As expected, Wellington has crossed the channel near Rennes. But, Napoleon and his veteran soldier already reached Paris, reassemble and marched towards Wellington; Nelson however was being trapped by the French navy under Admiral Pierre Charles Villeneuve and Vice Admiral Charles Antoine Desaix
Villeneuve’s ships made a hot pursuit against Nelson’s fleet and 2 weeks later, Nelson decided to meet the French at the Battle of Atlantic, in this battle – the French after nearly 10 years hiding on their own port, managed to inflict the very first naval victory against the English. Nelson was killed in action, 2 ships was captured while the remnant was scuttled rather than being capture by Villeneuve.
With the defeat of Abercrombie’s army, the French under the immediate command of Oudinot were free to advance southward and then link with Van Damme near Oxford.
London – 1810.
General Dominique Van Damme, commander of the French heavy cavalry.
Nicolas Oudinot laid siege of London, the defender led by General Alexander Campbell are well equipped, consisted of 18 batteries compared to the French that owns 12 cannons. But, Oudinot already master the art of artillery warfare quickly ordered his men to set up a barricade across the line of attack, with this method – the French infantry could shield them from being battered by the English batteries.
Although the numerical superiority and artillery supremacy they got. Campbell, freshly enlisted English general are no match with Oudinot, who suppressed the English finest commander, Abercrombie and drove him from Ireland and Scotland.

The English Foot advanced towards the French defence followed by a number of artillery fire. Campbell fatal mistake happened here when the Foot advance, the shelling of artillery killing their own friends.
A squadron of Chasseur e Cheval led by Colonel Andre Perrin bravely charged the English batteries, thus silenced and put them out of action.
But, Perrin’s action attracted a number of Foot and the French trapped between the Foot and remaining artillery crew. Realizing the fact that they were no way to escape, the French made a daring charge against the English but being fends off.
All of them were slain to death and became the first unit of the French army to sustained 100 % casualties but their sacrifice are highly paid as the elite unit of Campbell’s army was reduced to half of its strength. The Chasseur distinguished themselves by destroying 15 English batteries and routed 2 companies of Foot.
Campbell ordered a full retreat to the first line of defence, but the retreat itself was a disorganized and turned into a rout.

Van Damme unleashed the French heavy cavalry and pursues the retreating English.
The capital of England finally captured on late evening of the battle.
Nicolas Oudinot after received a formal surrender from Alexander Campbell.
The English, however still did not yield as Wellington and his elite army succeeded invade France and seized Rennes. The battle is still going on.

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