Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kisah AKU n A War Diary : Battle For ECO415

Battle for ECO415
Date : 1 July 2012
Belligrent : Imperial Army of Farid
    ECO415's Rearguard
Result : Inconclusive
Location : Dewan Raja Muda Musa, Shah Alam
Strength : Several Mastered Chapter
  Carry Mark - unknown

Less than a week since the first major engagement of the 4th Farid-UiTM War of Succession, the  Battle For ADS465 was fought valiantly by the Imperialist. On the morning of 1st July 2012, the Imperialist was being intercepted by the rearguard of ECO415 Army. 11 regiment of ECO415 spearheaded by their commander, Lt.Gen Macro and Col. Micro attack the half prepared defenses of Farid's army.


2 days before the battle, the Imperialist fought their first engagement of the War, but the inconclusive battle later turn out to become an advantage for the Imperialist as their commander, General of Armies, Farid Gani managed to reinforce several ill defended choke point. The Imperialist advanced 3KM towards the Capital, without any reinforcement from Carry Mark company. Meanwhile, a large proportion of ECO415 Army follow closely, managed to keep the gap between the rear guard and the cream of it's army. Farid then ignored the advise of his military advisor and busy himself by playing computer games - Company Of Heroes. Thus, he missed the opportunity to prepare the defense. But, a day before the battle - he realized his mistake and ordered the entire army to halt , camped in and start to reform his strategy. Again, ECO415 managed to took the golden opportunity by sneak out through the Imperialist flank, the commander want to intercept Farid on both sides. Already aware that he was being trapped, Farid made one solid decision

 "Macro is our objective, we defeat him first and Micro will be finish" - Farid Gani

The Imperialist want to commit the "defeat-in-detail" movement. To destroy the Macro's division then turn to the remnant of the army of ECO415. Having studied about Macro, Farid try to cover the graph and several division of Micro but unable to do so, because it's quite complicated and time is running out. At this time, he start to regret his ignorance of the first day.

At 9PM, the ECO415 launch their brilliant flanking maneuver that made the Imperialist caught off guard. Farid then signal his Imperial Guard to attack Macro first, especially the Section B's regiment, consisted of the elite International Trade and Macro's Problem. The skirmish against these two elite regiment were proved too brutal. Both sides claimed heavy casualties but Farid's Imperial Guard were able to maintain the cohesion and succeed in defeating Macro. But, the tide of battle turn, surprisingly Micro managed to absorb the attack and delay Farid for almost one hour. Half an hour before the battle is over, Farid launched an all out attack, the Minds and Hand's Division fought so well - trying to recover their fallen section. At 12PM the breakout was successful. The Imperialist managed to wipe out the entire ECO415 army but several Micro's soldier managed to escaped unharmed.

Although the Imperialist seems to gain victory but the outcome of the battle still unclear. With a heavy death toll among his troops. The battle is still inconclusive.


  1. fatinfatima07 [at] gmail dot comOctober 3, 2012 at 12:14 AM

    salam.. nk ty. ade x nota eko 415 ni? past year?skema? test kuiz??? kalau sy nk bolee? klu kena caj pun xpee. huhu

    1. W'salam, nota semua ada, cuma masalahnya sekarang ni benda2 tu takde kat saya sekarang. ada kat rumah.