Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kisah AKU n A War Diary : Battle for LAW299

Battle for LAW99
Date : 7 July 2012
Belligrent : Imperial Army of Farid
    Army of LAW299
Result : Inconclusive
Location : Dewan Serbaguna FSPPP, UiTM Shah Alam
Strength : Several Mastered Chapter
   Carry Mark - 27.4

This is the battle where the Imperialist nearly being crushed by the rearguard of the Alliance, although they have several day to prepare for a formidable defensive position, the General still unable to absorb the attack. The front section was destroyed, together with almost 90% casualty of the van section of the Imperialist. The outcome is clearly inconclusive, one of the General's finest adviser was killed in action during the tough 3 hours battle. The Imperialist will surely suffer on their next battle.


3 days before the battle, the defeat of the ADS460 army in the hand of the Imperialist open the road to Rawang. The General however, underestimated the strength of LAW299 start to ignore and halt the army for one day. But, later he managed to cover all of the fact that he needed to crush the opposing forces. Meanwhile, far to the south. The Elite QMT412 start to assembled and advanced towards the position, their objective - rendezvous with the LAW299 and destroy the Imperialist in one single blow, thus ended the campaign. Both of the forces know the aftermath, so the General decides to advances towards LAW299 and deny the possibility of linkage between the Elite QMT412 at the new location, known as the Dewan Serbaguna FSPPP. A perfect location to invade the northern forces of Alliance.

At 14.00 PM, both of armies opposed each other. 15 minute later, the first rapid movement of the Imperialist managed to crushed Part A of LAW299, but however on the other side - the General faced 7 strong armoured division from Part B. They are the formidable Contract (Discharge by Frustration, Free Consent, Adequacy), Agency (Rights of Agent) , SOGA (nemo dat quat non habet), Hire Purchase (Reposession), Negotiable Instrument(Protection) and Partnership(Dissolution). This is where the most of the action took places. The Imperialist fought bravely , but took about one hour to destroy the first wave of armoured corps.
Upon destroying the first wave. The General's military adviser led the charge against the second group of enemy armoured corps, at the height of the battle. The enemy reinforcement came in and encircled the Imperialist, they were forced to fight till the end, and half an hour later - the Imperialist was ran out of ammunition and being annihilated. To avoid shame in his failure to destroy the enemy, the General's military adviser commit suicide and thus become the high rank commander that being killed on the Imperialist campaign against the Alliance. It will effect the flow of the campaign for the General of Imperialist later.

With about 20 minutes left. The General himself led his personal armoured division to destroy the Partnership Regiment, thus ended the battle. Then, upon clearing the battlefield he had been informed that his friend, the adviser died in his fateful attack. The General felt so sad about the news and recalled the entire army. They need to be prepare against the Elite QMT412, their position is about half a click from their location.

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