Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kisah AKU n A War Diary : Battle for ADS460

Battle for ADS460
Date : 3 July 2012
Belligrent : Imperial Army of Farid
   Army of ADS460
Result : Inconclusive
Location : Dewan Raja Muda Musa, Shah Alam
Strength : Several Mastered Chapter
  Carry Mark - Unknown

The Battle for ADS460 was fought between the Imperialist and the Army of ADS460 in a long 3 hour battle which resulted the destruction of the ADS 2nd Army. It is one of the most brilliant and heroic battle where Farid, the General of the Imperialist order the counterattack against the alliance sector near the same location where they crush the ECO415 rearguard a day before the battle.

2 days before the battle, the Imperialist had won a pyrhhic victory against EC0415 rearguard. Farid, learned from his previous mistake quickly order the army to prepare the counterattack against heavily defended chokepoint guarded by the ADS460 troops. Time is very important as the scout confirmed that the army of ADS460 had advanced towards the Imperialist position, half a day later - they managed to encircle Farid's position and made it untenable.
12 enemy's army corps encircled Farid's position and cut off their supply, preparing the siege in order to forces the Imperialist to surrender. 
Hampered by the plummeted supply, the army had only being fed by a basic survival foods. The General then realized..

"Breakthrough : that is the only way. I need the Imperial Guard to attack the Motivation, Leadership, Coordination and Communication here, while I will personally lead the army against History Module, Introduction, Planning, Strategic Management..aah, the Royalist will moved against Decision Making, Global Management and Organizing.. there will be no reinforcement so give em' hell"  Farid Gani

The preparation was made with a rapid movement by all sector. The Imperialist managed to outmatched all the enemy's army corps, half a day before the battle. With limited communication with the alliance, Farid only depends on his ability to do an all out "reading" against the enemy, the reinforcement outside were unable and did not want to aid him with a spot question.

At 14.15PM, the sounds of the cannon marks the beginning of the battle. Thanks to his effort in committing an all out reading. The Imperialist only experienced several difficulties on attacking the enemies on 2 part. The actual plan was removed, the Imperialist destroyed the enemies on a brilliant flanking maneuver that enfilade the:
  • Bureaucratic Division of Organizing Corps
  • Planning Corps
  • Non Verbal Communication of Communication Corps
  • Delegation Regiment
  • Issue Regiment of Motivation Corps

Meanwhile, at the other side. The Imperial Guard managed to destroyed two of ADS460's army corps. They are the Rational Decision of Decision Making Corps and Maslow's Motivation Corps. 2 division managed to escaped unharmed - the Transformational of Leadership Corps and Functional Structure from the Organizing Corps.

Both of the armies managed to reach their objective and link up at 1710 PM, destroying 3/4 of the ADS460. With the defeat of the 2nd ADS army, there is still one core army left - the ADS404, together with his alliance, LAW299 and formidable QMT412. The road to Rawang is still uncertain as the enemy fairly have a numerical advantage against the battle hardened Imperialist.

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