Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kisah AKU n A War Diary : Battle for QMT412

Battle for QMT412
Date : 11 July 2012
Belligrent : Imperial Army of Farid
   Army of QMT412, a part of ADS404 frontline guard
Result : The Imperialist tactical withdraw, the destruction of Farid XII's Corps
Location : Dewan Raja Muda Musa, UiTM Shah Alam
Strength : Several Mastered Chapter
  Carry Mark - 34

The Battle for QMT412 was the battle fought at the end of the 4th Imperialist-UiTM War. When everything goes very smooth for the Imperialist, at the other side the remnant of the Alliance start to fight desperately. The ADS404 sent the elite corps of QMT412 to, at least weakening the Imperialist advance towards the Capital. The elite troops also known as the Storm Troopers managed to penetrated deep inside the Imperialist defense, succeded in destroying the XII Corps, or known as the Mind Division of the Imperial Army. For the first time in the campaign, the Mind Division wavered and retreat, leaving the Hand Division to fight with little support from Eye Regiment.

3 days before the Battle for LAW299 where the Imperialist only achieved a minor victory. The General stopped his army for 2 days because the Elite army of QMT412 were very successful and carefully keeping their hot pursuit against the Imperialist. Thus, the General is unable to obtain information about the movement of the formidable Storm Troopers. One and a half day before the clashes of both armies, the General ordered the Mind Division to study about the enemy movement. The Division struggle on their objective, and unable to finish all enemy's intelligence. On the other side, the elite QMT412 formed their battle order - 8 strong and battle hardened division are about to pound the Imperialist line near Dewan Raja Muda Musa, a place where the Imperialist succeeding in crushed two armies of the ally. 

At 9 AM - the battle has begun. The Statistic division was destroyed by the Mind Division, followed by the destruction of Corelation & Regression Joint-Operative Division in the hand of the elite Mind's Imperialist. At the same time, the General fought with a stomach ache - it gave a destructive effect towards the Imperialist. The General is unable to give a direct command, thus - the entire communication with the fighting division was being cut off. The Imperialist line start to faltered due to lack of focus from the divisional commander. The QMT412 start to gain a numerical superiority and advantage, the enemy's marshal ordered a general advance towards the Imperialist. He sent two of his impregnable Time Series and Probability Armored Division to destroy the ill defending Mind Division's sector. Half an hour before the battle was concluded, the enemies surround the Mind's position and demand them to surrender. But, the Imperialist commander having watched the bravery and honorable death of their military adviser at the Battle for LAW299, refused to give up and then made a daring breakthrough towards the QMT412 and managed to escaped. However, 90 % of the member of the division was either killed or captured. Thus, the Mind Division was considered destroyed. At 12 PM, the battle was concluded. 
The Imperialist retreating to their original position, reforming and the General plan now is to advance towards the Capital, their objective - to exterminated the ADS404 army that guard the road to Rawang. They are the only capable remaining Alliances forces that can stop the Imperialist now. If they managed to destroy the Imperialist, it seems that they must wait for another 6 month to renew their campaign. If ADS404 fail, The Imperialist will be able to capture the Capital, Rawang.