Monday, July 16, 2012

Kisah AKU n A War Diary : Battle for ADS404

Battle for ADS404
Date : 15 July 2012
Belligrent : Imperial Army of Farid
   Army of ADS404
Result : Inconclusive
Location : Dewan Serbaguna FSPPP, UiTM Shah Alam
Strength : Several Mastered Chapter
  Carry Mark - unknown

The Battle for ADS404 was the last engagement fought between the Imperialist and the Alliance. In this 3 hours battle, the Imperialist drove off the ADS404 out of the campaign. The General's campaign ended with very high death toll among his troops before reached the capital, Rawang. However, despite of high casualties. The Alliance was being crushed,and further campaign is scheduled on the next 6 or 7 months. No further conflict shall arises within the period where the armistice is called in by both parties representative on the Declaration of Defeat made yesterday at the capital.


A crushing defeat against the elite QMT412 3 days before the battle was proved too harsh for the Imperialist. To avoid delay on his movement and possibility of being block by the ill equipped elite QMT412, the General advanced his entire army towards the ADS404, the last remaining forces capable in stopping the Imperialist. The preparation was so bad, on the previous battle, the Mind Division was defeated and trying to reform - a new commander will lead the division again, the supply line was renewed - the rest of the division enjoy 2 day of rest in order to refresh while several well morale division were preparing the attack. 

As usual, the General encouraged all of the army to study the entire strength and weakness of the enemy. For him, spot question is just for those who only want to score a good result, without being aware that in reality - prediction although is good but it's never fully true - always have the risk. He always know the risk, in addition to that - "Spot question - that is not really neccesary. The question is for how long you can survive with such aid, it's clear that your objective - to score high result for exam and the employer will be please with your result. Congratulation, being employed and when it comes to your reality of working. "Oh my god, what the hell of this? " Bingo! you did not even know even the simple problem because your routine for every semester, searching for a spot question - study - taking examination - passed with flying colour - "Aahh..thank you spot - I got that damn 4 flat" . Maybe you should read several employer magazine - although good result is one of the criteria, but above all  - your experience, your soft skill, your achievement with the university. All of these win the heart of the employer. Trust me, I have read several employer magazine.

A day before the battle, the preparation was perfectly made. All but one of the enemy's chapter were being covered. The administration division is really effective in planning the study plan. The campaign will be ended soon, the Imperialist willseize their glorious hour.

At 2.15 PM, the battle was begun. The freshly reform Mind Division, together with Hand and Eye Division fought very well. On the first 2 hour the Question 1 Corps, consisted of 5 mechanized battalion - the Local Government, Administrative Reform, Downsizing Public Sector, Bureaucracy and Financial Administration was defeated by the Joint-Operative Imperialist Front. Despite of the pressure from the Hand Division which really tired and on fatigue. The Imperialist are able to climb uphill towards the Question 2 consisted of 2 question - the Elite Model and PSD. 

Suddenly, while leading his men. The newly promoted colonel was being killed by the enemy. He was the second high ranking commander being killed in action. Although the divisional commander fallen on the ground of battle, the remnant of the division continue to fight - reinforced by an extra answer book sheet to complete their maneuver. 60 seconds before the battle end, the last defender was being slaughtered. ADS404 sustained a 100 percent casualty, this was their last stand on the campaign. At 5.15PM the battle was concluded.

With the destruction of the ADS404, the Imperialist had won the campaign. On the next day - 16 July 2012, the Alliance was dissolved, the armistice was signed by the Imperialist and the representative of alliance signalled the victory of Imperialist.

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