Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kisah AKU n I'm Resigned!

Today, 1st of December 2015, I tendered my resignation in Trueventus and effectively ended my 1 year and 1 month of service here. This resignation was made according to my willingness and mutual understanding between me and the management in my decision to left the company.
Suka aku nak share with you guys, some peoples yang ada dengan aku until the day I left. This is Abdul, my immediate superior. We're considered as veteran in our team but he is more talented than I am. Aku sempat tengok progress Abdul ni since title dia Junior Executive sampailah Assistant Manager. Always cool regardless what situation he faced..:-p
Yang ni pulak Karuna. He's initially from Miles Team but shifted to Hardin dalam bulan Julai. A very good person with a strong and aggressive character. Far more aggressive and cunning than Abdul..:-)
Now I'm going to introduce you staffs under my wing. Yang pertama is Corin. She's with me since June sampailah tadi. As her handler, I can see her rapid progression from seorang amoi yang senyap sampailah the aggressive one..haha. And now, she's Senior. Well Done!
Yang ni pulak Kailash. rasanya dia masuk bulan Julai and diserapkan dalam Team Consumer Debt. Like Corin, dia ni pun asalnya senyap jugak but bila dah lama, madness dia terserlah. Currently, he need one more deal to become confirmed staff and unfortunately aku tak sempat nak tengok his confirmation..:-(
And the last one is Puteri. Susah nak bergambar dengan dia ni. She's the latest addition for our team and sempat bersama aku selama sebulan. Not much I can do to train her since aku sendiri pun kena aim dengan management for the whole October - November until hari aku chow ni. But, I'm sure Abdul and the rest of the team can guide her to excel in this company..:-)
Ooops terlupa pulak, my best-friend here - Freddy. Thank you for your service, Ext. 559.
Some wishes from other friends. Of course, Aizat's wish yang paling emotional since he's my best-friend here. Good luck for your career too, bro!
Habis tu macam mana lepas ni, menganggur lah gamaknya..haha. Gila ko, cukup lah 3 bulan menganggur after grad dulu. Korang ingat aku nak berhenti macam tu je ke..*wink* 
Being Farid. I always have my backup plan ready..huu. Dapat rehat kat rumah 5 hari, jadilah..huu

So, that's the end of my chapter with Trueventus. I wish the company the best of luck and of course, for my fellow ex-colleagues, stay strong.

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