Friday, April 1, 2016

Kisah AKU n Goodbye CapSource!


Eh awal update blog hari ni? Bukan tengah office hour ke sekarang? Macam mana boleh update blog ni Ferdi? Haha, aku sekarang ni kerja flexi hour, suka hati lah nak buat apa pun. Okay lah, meh aku cerita sikit apa yang sebenarnya terjadi ni.
Yesterday, 31st of March 2016. I tendered my resignation in CapSource as a full time employee. This resignation was made according to the Management's decision to take down APAC Department where I being placed. As being mentioned repeatedly in this blog, MICE industry depending on the market condition. If the economy is strong, we can sustain. If not, we all suffering. That's what we faced now, not just in CapSource but in other companies too. IQPC and SMP closed it's APAC operation earlier this year and now, it's our turn.
Sebenarnya aku dah expect yang benda ni akan berlaku, cuma tak sangka ianya too imminent. From my calculation by looking on our sales cycle, together with some other seniors here. We expect that the APAC Department will close it's door somewhere around Late May or Early June. Last Wednesday, I have a chat with our CEO in his room. Time tu lah aku diberitahu yang he gonna close the team this week. So, petang tu jugak aku dah start packing fail-fail, dokumen-dokumen yang ada..:-)
Semalam is the final day of March, and also for 5 of us. Datang office macam biasa, buat mana-mana callback yang ada. We had our lunch together at the nearest KFC. After lunch, I had a quick conversation with Wayne and later, signed the resignation letter and effectively remove me from CapSource's payroll.
Around 4PM, I left the office. Sambung melepak dengan diorang kat NZ sampai pukul 7. Bersembang lah mengenai our plan lepas ni. Nia nak sambung Master. Danial pulak ada 2 upcoming interview minggu depan. Our manager pulak wanted to set up his own company and Ernie nak buat online business since she's now pregnant so payah nak cari kerja.

 Actually it's a blessing jugak, since I will have my biggest interview 19 April ni. Boleh la study sikit subjek-subjek lama kat UiTM tu and I need to have that job. I must have it! On to my financial plan, this resignation disrupted my plan to lock RM 10000 by the end of this year. Of course, I still have some 5K in the bank, but for how long it can sustain there without additional pump in every month? Acano nak kahwin ni? haha
Singgah Pasar Malam kat Sungai Buaya. Rasanya dah hampir 5 tahun tak jejak kaki sini. Beli Nasi Dagang dengan Cendol je untuk dinner semalam..:-) 
Simpan lagi benda-benda ni dalam laci yang sama time aku resigned from Trueventus dulu. Bayangkan dalam 2 tahun, I faced 2 resignation. Korang yang ada kerja stabil tu, jaga lah elok-elok but hey, at least you guys tak duduk dalam this cruel industry, correct?
But then, we are lucky enough to have boss like Wayne. He offered us to do freelance there. Takde gaji but we still can use facilities like phone, and even our e-mail. Payment is by commission basis. Currently I agreed to proceed with our inaugural Housing Asia 2016 Conference as a Sales Freelancer and The Inter-Corporation Futsal Championship 2016 as Project Freelancer. At least, takde lah boring duduk rumah sementara tunggu interview tu, we can still visit the office and I'm planning to take 3 days a week.

Eh, kali ni takde backup plan ke? Haha, memang takde. The best yang aku boleh buat ialah doing freelance work for CapSource and keep focus in my interview. Maybe visit some tuition center kat Rawang for any tutoring opportunities. Lepas interview tu baru kita gila-gila job hunting macam dulu..:-)

So, that's the end of my full-time employment at CapSource. I wish the company the best of luck! Don't worry, pasni aku datang jugak sekali-sekala..:-p

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