Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kisah AKU n Au Revoir Brian!


Jumaat lepas we had a small farewell party for one of our senior staff kat Trueventus ni. With heavy heart, our beloved manager Mr. Haslan Dato Rosedin or Brian Hardin or Rudi and many others name, tendered his resignation due to health problem. Rasanya aku ada mentioned last week yang he suffered knee injury time main bola and this injury, required an imminent operation and of course, take quite some time to heal. 
Asalnya members from Team Hardin je yang join with exception of Kailash yang still bercuti for Deepavali. Tiba-tiba ramai lagi yang datang pulak. We had our small party kat tempat biasa di Teh Tarik Place, NU Sentral. Kalau you guys nak tau, every Friday after work kami satu team akan lepak kat sini dulu before balik rumah. So, this place ada some aesthetic value for us.
Team member from other team pun ada jugak datang. Indra, Zul, Hakim, Sam, Rani and Poven from Ken & Co. pun join jugak hari tu. 
Thank you very much for your guidance and time, Abg Lan. Terima kasih sebab ambil saya untuk join your team setahun lepas. Of course, I'll never forget all of our memories no matter good or hard time. Above all, I would like to say, it's an honor to have you as my only manager.

Good luck for your retirement, and god bless for your knee operation. Nanti ada masa kami datang melawat. Till then, take care.

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