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Kisah AKU n The Valyrian Revenge Pt3


Okay, ni most probably the last miniseries yang aku taip untuk A World of Ice & Fire Warband, selepas ni aku akan fokus more on Bannerlord. Cukuplah ada tiga watak yang aku dah create - kita ada Lord Fredrik of House Reyne, Lord Fredrik of House Greystark dan juga recently, King Fredrys I Blackfyre. Entri ni merupakan the final episode of miniseries - The Valyrian Revenge. For those yang nak baca previous two episodes, can check below links:

The year is 310AC - after the end of Westerland's campaign which saw complete submission of Westeros to Queen Daenerys, Lord Fredrys Blackfyre returned to Duskendale to oversee the war rehabilitation effort. The campaign cost House Blackfyre a total of 5,000 men dead or wounded. Despite the significant loss, Fredrys does not see the urgency to reform his army as the realm is currently in a peace situation, for him its the welfare of people who need to be on top of his priority. While monitoring his twin's lesson with Janis Lyren, Duskendale's maester, Fredrys was captivated with story of the lost city of Qarthigar at Essos. It was the former visiting castle of Daemon I Blackfyre and his wife, Rohanne of Tyrosh where the couple spent most of their time before the outbreak of First Blackfyre Rebellion. After Daemon's defeat at Redgrass Hill against the Targaryen on 196 AC, Aegor Bittersteel smuggled Rohanne and her son, Daemon II to Qarthigar. However, the fleet was being redirected to Tyrosh due to high naval activities at Narrow Sea by the Martell's navy. They never set their foot on Qarthigar and the castle was being abandoned for almost hundred year.

Two months later, Lord Fredrys was being summoned to meet the Queen at King's Landings. "You are a Blackfyre, Fredrys.. Your ancestor rebelled against mine. You want to usurp the crown from me, aren't you?" A shocked Fredrys startled " Queen, I don't know what are you talking about." Daenerys hold Fredys' shoulder "You have the reputation. People loves you. Some people said you are both Aegon and Daemon combined.." Fredrys try to console his cousin, providing assurance to her "You are Targaryen by blood, I'm Blackfyre. Targaryen is the rightful ruler of Westeros, not Blackfyre. Everyone know that.." Daenerys, in her arrogant tone "But still Daemon fought to take it, isn't? I thought its ended with Maelys and your father.." . "Careful Daenerys, you are insulting my blood. I won you the Iron Throne, don't you forget that!" Fredrys immediately left the Queen's chamber, enraged with Daenerys' vile accusation towards him. Little did he know, there's a plot by a group of schemers who wanted to divide the realm. They wanted to create another Blackfyre's Rebellion.

At Duskendale, Fredrys received a raven from the Queen's Hand, Lord Tyrion demanded him to return the Unsullied and Dothraki back to the capital. Knowing something unusual will happened, he sent raven to his commander, alerting them on the possible Targaryen's purge against House Blackfyre. His instinct is indeed right. A week later, Queen Daenerys issued order to the Crownland army under Ser Jorah Mormont to commence the blockade of Duskendale. However, Fredrys already one-step ahead against his cousin where the Blackfyre's army totaled around 8,000 men and thirty war galleys already mustered to bolster the town's defense.

Knowing he does not stand chance against the entire Royalist army once they merge their forces, Fredyrs decided to strike the Crownland army before their reinforcement arrived to join the siege. The Blackfyre sallied forth toward the Crownland's unfinished camp whom majority of soldiers are resting from their overnight forced march.

In a thunderous attack, the Blackfyre's archers under the command of Borg Matter launched a massive arrow bombardment, followed by a frontal infantry charge led by his brother, Reed against the unready Crownland's infantry. The defender were being caught off-guard by the surprise attack. Despite that, vicious fighting raged between once former brethren who are now fighting for their lord. The civil war has begun.

In response, Ser Jorah launched his Targaryen's cavalry squadron to strike Fredrys rear, killing many Blackfyre' light armor archer in process. 

At his right flank, Ser Jorah issued order to Khal Mero and his 2,000 Dothraki's screamer to hit the Blackfyre's infantry, taking advantage of its unguarded flank. Having anticipate the Dothraki's participation in the battle, Fredrys unleashed his second line of spearwall made up from his elite Blackfyre's men at-arms who are laying low throughout the ensuing battle. The Dothraki fell into the trap, sustained heavy losses and were forced to retreat to avoid total annihilation.

With the Dothraki's threat neutralized, Fredrys led his 500 Blackfyre's cavalry to reinforced Reed Matter at the center. The sudden attack managed to wreck havoc and chaos among the Crownland's rank who are now fighting for their life against much superior enemies. Not just that, the presence of the Blackfyre's commander helps to boost the morale of his troop. The final push for victory is on its way.

Ser Jorah tried to rally his battered soldiers, despite the effort the Crownland army were simply outmatched against tactical superiority shown by the veteran Blackfyre's commander. At the heat of battle, the Targaryen's general was being killed by Fredrys. He then issued general order to his commander to show no mercy against the Royalist. For the first time in his glorious military career, he is about to destroy the entire army. A punishment for their Queen's reckless act. 

After two hours of fighting, the Royalist cohesion is getting weaker after the death of its commander and began to tremble. As no quarter were given, Fredrys' infantry continues to press the attack, killing many enemies in process until there were no man's standing left. House Blackfyre has won the first battle against the Targaryen with the stunning victory against the Crownland's army which saw the destruction of its entire forces, totaled around 12,000 men. The Blackfyre loss is considered heavy with 4,000 dead or wounded, almost half of its original strength.

Shortly after his victory, Fredrys returned to Duskendale and held his war council. The dark memory of Pentos starting to emerge in his mind. He knew he cannot win every battle, let alone the campaign. Daenerys already summoned her Wardens to muster their army, when it happens Fredrys will face the entire might of Royalist army; around 40,000 men against his 4,000 soldiers. After much deliberation, he decided to flee the continent back to Essos and ordered the remnant of Blackfyre's troops to embark the war galleys, together with his loyalist including their families. 

After secretly guaranteed safe passage and additional ships from his kins, Lord Monford Velaryon and Lord Adrian Celtigar. The Blackfyre's fleet endured a long journey to south Volantis where according to his maester, lies an abandoned castle of Qarthigar. No one know the existence of the castle but Fredrys, confidence with his instinct ordered the fleet to sail southward towards Old Valyria.

After his night landing, the convoy reached a village named Taelon. One of villager greeted him "I saw your dragon banner at the coast, you must be Lord Blackfyre.." "Forgive me old man, where is this place? How do you recognized my family's banner?" "My name is Ser Gwendlyn Ball, I am the grandson of Ser Quentyn Ball. Are you familiar with the name?" "Yes, he fought together and died with Daemon at Redgrass Field.." "Indeed my Lord, come let me show you Qarthigar..I have been waiting a Blackfyre to visit this castle but no one came..It's all yours now, my Lord"

Ser Gwendlyn guided the convoy and arrived at the abandoned castle. A fairly large castle protected by hill at the back and river at the left side which run through the Narrow Sea. 

Fredrys quickly hoisted the Blackfyre banner and ordered his army to begin the reconstruction of the castle. With the help of local, the loyalist's families were being assisted by the villagers of Taelon to resettle. 

As for Fredrys, he decided to forge the beginning of his kingdom here and crowned himself the title - King Fredrys I Blackfyre. In a small feast at Qarthigar, he gathered his trusted knight, Reed and Borg Matter, and honor their house to the title - House Matter of Taelon. In addition, Lord Reed was being appointed as the King's Hand, while his brother, Ser Borg as the Marshal of the Blackfyre's army. 

House Blackfyre territory circa 311AC. King Fredrys passed the construction of Blackfyre Watch, a network of fort facing the Narrow Sea which served as the headquarter of the Blackfyre's army and the first line of defense against the invading forces. The fort was put in the command of Ser Borg Matter of Taelon. Well aware with the importance of espionage, Fredrys sent his spy network to infiltrate the regional capital in Westeros including Sunspear, Highgarden, Casterly Rock, Storm's End, Dragonstone, The Pyke, Riverrun, The Eeyrie, Winterfell and finally the capital itself, King's Landing. While Fredrys does not have any intention to take the Iron Throne, the establishment of Blackfyre's spies network is merely to know the movement of Daenerys' army as well as the recent situation in the continent.

In the economic side - Fredrys continue to showcase his skills as a competent administrator, thanks to his past experience as the King's Hand for the late Valarr Blackfyre. He introduced various welfare policies to his people. The region is blessed with a fertile lands due to its strategic location near the tip of south Narrow Sea which promised a huge opportunity for agriculture activities. 

The King also gazetted the construction of seaport to encourage trading ventures with the nearest kingdoms. He personally led a trading mission to Volantis which known for their massive iron production and secured a handsome deal with Triarch Malacho Maegyr. Two years has passed since the establishment of House Blackfyre, Fredrys is content with what he have now, a peaceful kingdom with no lords bickering for power. No hassle in putting down countless rebellion just what the Targaryen's queen is facing now. That's answered why there were still no invading parties from the West.

After the unjust banishment of "treacherous" House Blackfyre, Daenerys succeed to glue her realm into a single entity for a short period of time. However, as time goes by, the plotter began to seize control the internal politics led by her own's Hand, Lord Tyrion Lannister who conspired to overthrow the Mad Queen. He instigated a number of regional unrest starting from the North, followed by the Riverland and recently, the Vale. Three fairly large armies united under a single banner: the Direwolf of House Stark are advancing towards King's Landing. In response, Daenerys summoned her banner - the Reach, the Stormland and the Dorne answered the call and mustered their armies. However in a very odd situation, the Westerland chose to side with the rebel and soon march its army to join the campaign. It seems that Westeros will be plunge into yet another serious conflict. But Fredrys decided not to interfere and let the war decide the fate of his cousin. 

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