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Kisah AKU n Reyne of Castamere - Tully's Strikes Back


This is the fourth episode of my Reyne of Castamere mini-series. Check out the first three episodes on the below link:
316 AC - Shortly after the end of Westerland's conquest of Dorne, Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister peacefully died at the age of eighty at his ancestral castle of Casterly Rock. He was succeeded by his son, Ser Jaime Lannister who took his place as the new Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock. With Tywin's demised, the realm lost its capable leader in uniting the kingdom. Queen Cersei appointed the Warden of the North, Lord Paramount Roose Bolton to be the new Hand of the Queen. The appointment was indeed a wise move from the Queen as Lord Roose' brutal reputation might be able to unite the realm through fear. Shortly after he took over the position, the newly appointed Queen's Hand advice to invade what left of the Ironborn, once for all. This was due to his manipulation who linked the Greyjoy with the death of Tywin Lannister a few months ago. The invasion was being carried out by the North, with little support from other Westerland lords. 
As for Lord Fredrik, he is now governing the bustling city of Kayce while giving his firstborn, a 18 years old Edric opportunity to administer their ancestral seat of Castamere. With his marriage with Lady Janei, she bore him another three children - Alysanne, Adrian, Lyanna and now carrying their fifth.
318AC - After two years of fighting, it seems that the North was not able to make significant progress by only seized Blacktyde Island, while suffering constant harassment from the Greyjoy's Iron Fleet. Fearing the monsoon of Narrow Sea, Lord Roose abandoned the invasion and sailed back to mainland via Seagard. Upon crossing The Twins, the Royal army was being attacked by Riverland rebels under the command of Lord Brynden Tully. Another rebel army led by his nephew, Lord Edmure Tully joined forces with the defected Lord Patrek Mallister captured Riverrun and most of the castles/town within Tumblestone River. With the successful rebellion, House Tully was being restored with Edmure, as it's new leader.
Lord Fredrik left Castamere together with a total of 3,000 troops from House Reyne and his auxiliary Lannister's contingent in response to the fall of Riverrun to House Tully. Due to constant war in the last ten years, the realm is unable to commission a new standing army. Instead, the Queen gave order to the lord of the realm to muster its own force. In total, 20,000 Westerlanders advance into the Riverland from the west led by Lord Paramount Jaime Lannister. The Reach is unable to quickly deploy its army as the war resources already exhausted due to many years of campaign against the Dorne. The Vale also failed to provide war party as Lady Lysa Arryn is currently fighting a serious internal rebellion instigated by Lord Petyr Baelish. As for the North after their heavy defeat at Seagard, they were forced to endure a long forced march. Lord Roose together with his 6,000 men was being pinned down by the traitor Lord Olyvar Frey at Greywater Watch on their way back to Winterfell.
Unable to split his army, Lord Jaime march the Westerland host into the heart of Riverland and quickly lay siege the capital, Riverrun. The defender some 8,000 rebel soldiers commanded by Lord Edmund Tully steadily hold the castle as the food and water provision were abundant and able to sustain both civilians and army in the case of long siege. 
Fredrik was being tasked to protect Jaime's right flank by occupying a strategic hill of High Heart in order to prevent counterattack from other Riverlords. However due to heavy rain which turn the area into a swampy marshes, Fredrik was being forced to move his position a few kilometres eastward to a more defensible dry ground. He quickly set up camp and organized defensive perimeter for his Reyne-Lannister troops. Lord Lyle Crakehall took another defensive operation slightly north of Riverrun and controlling the waterway of Tumblestone River, while Lord Jaime setting his siege camp facing the castle itself with 12,000 Lannister troops well equipped with siege engine such as trebuchet and scorpion gun. A rear guard command by Lord Addam Marbrand closely follow the main army and position himself behind Jaime's position. 

219AC - Entering the first year of the campaign, the rebel reinforcement led by Lord Brynden Tully appeared in the horizon of Riverrun from the east with a stunning numbers of 20,000 men gathered from various lord loyal to the late Hoster Tully including House Mallister and House Mooton. Another war party led by Lord Jonos Bracken with a strength of 10,000 advanced southward to recapture Harrenhall, while Lord Tytos Blackwood's 8,000 elite Raventree Legion marched eastward to secure Maidenpool from any possible reinforcement from the Crownland.
In a classic Caesar's maneuver, the veteran Lord Brynden crossed Tumblestone with his 12,000 troops and ambush Crakehall's camp while sending another 8,000 troops under Lord Patrek Mallister to attack Lord Fredrik in his attempt to neutralize both Westerland flanks. With the destruction of these two armies, he hoped to encircle Jaime and trap him from both sides.
Simultaneously, he also ordered Lord Edmure to conduct a diversionary attack against Jamie's main camp to thwart any relief attempt. 
Lord Patrek commenced the attack against Fredrik's camp by sending the first wave of Riverland heavy infantry, supported by a contingent of light cavalry. In response, the veteran Westerland commander formed a solid shield wall while placing the missile troops in a high ground to give a tactical advantage.
The first day of the Battle of High Heart was concluded with a major victory for the Westerland army. 2,000 rebels wounded or killed in action, while Fredrik lost 500 men and another 500 wounded in action. Seeing this dire situation, he sent raven to Lord Jaime to request for immediate reinforcement in order to bolster his wavering defense. 
However, things not goes smoothly for the besieger as Crakehall's army was being destroyed and forced to retreat back to the main camp. Victory is now at Brynden grasp. Realized that he will never be reinforced, Lord Fredrik determined to defend the hill at all cost since Lord Brynden strategy is heavily depends on the pincer movement where he need to link with Lord Patrek in order to complete his encirclement of Westerland troops.
Five days later, Lord Patrek sent another wave of 3,000 troops led by his son, Ser Denys to finish off the High Heart defender. Fredrik, however managed to improvised his defense by digging trench and stake wall at a strategic locations in order to minimize his losses. 
The battle starts at 7am in the morning. Light rain on the night before the battle render the muddy field which provide Fredrik another vital advantage as the heavy Riverland knight struggling to advance up the hill. 
While the arrow supplies running low, he urged his archer to make the shot count. In a discipline manner, Ser Lyman Vikary command the archer contingent to deliver the deadly arrow volley to the advancing rebels. 
Against all odd, the defender once again managed to capitalize the advantage and score another victory. However, such victory come with a heavy price. Although managed to inflicted heavy casualties to their foe, the Reyne suffered another 500 dead and wounded which left Fredrik with less than 2,000 fighting troops. 
The rebels is also not in a favorable situation. Lord Patrek was left with only 3,000 troops from the initial 8,000 and time is running out where he need to make his way through Riverrun to join Lord Brynden. But, he won't make it this time as Lord Fredrik rally his elite cavalryman, some 800 Reyne-Lannister heavy knight, supported by 500 Lannister longbowmen and 700 Reyne heavy infantry to attack Patrek's camp in a surprise dawn attack. 
The attack was so swift with the longbowman protected by the infantry unleashed a terrible hail of fire arrow directly to the rebels camp. Panicked with the sudden attack, the rebels does not have enough time to reform before being rammed by a thousand of cavalryman led by the Lord of Castamere himself. At the end of the battle, the entire rebels presumed dead including their commander, Lord Patrek Mallister
Warden of the East, Lady Paramount Lysa Arryn managed to crushed the rebellion and executed Lord Petyr Baelish. She immediately send the fearsome contingent of Knight of the Vale led by Lord Yohn Royce to attack the rebels at Maidenpool. The Reach led by Lord Randyll Tarly advanced from Ashford with 15,000 troops to besiege Lord Jonos Bracken at Harrenhal. 
With the defeat of House Mallister in the hand of Lord Fredrik Reyne, Lord Brynden does not have any choice but to attack the main Westerland camp before the Reyne's arrive to strengthen Jaime's position. In doing so, he commit his entire army against the Westerland. Seeing his uncle's attacking maneuver, Lord Edmure sallied forth and attempt to break the siege line with a massive frontal attack against the Lannister's defense. This left the castle defenseless with all troops commit to the ensuing Battle of Riverrun which in total participated by close to 30,000 fighting men from both sides. Lord Fredrik having reached the battle after six hours of quick march from High Heart, quickly ordered his men to scale the wall and infiltrate Riverrun from the east. When the East Gate was breached, a total of 2,000 men led by his bannerman, Ser Roland Spicer swarmed into the town and captured the castle.
Seeing the Reyne's banner hoisted above Riverrun and a distressing sound of town's bell, the rebels lost their initiative and start to waver. Nevertheless, the Tully's army led by Lord Edmure and Lord Brynden fought valiantly in an attempt to push the Westerlanders and retake the castle. After a long five hours of brutal fight, the battle is over with the defeat of rebels army against the hand of Lord Paramount Jaime Lannister. The failed breakthrough was proven a costly defeat to House Tully, Lord Brynden was among the 15,000 dead while his nephew, Lord Edmure was captured along with 6,000 prisoners of war. The Westerland suffered 13,000 casualties together with a few nobles such as Lord Lyle Crakehall and Ser Luthor Marbrand.
With the capture of Riverrun, the main bulk of rebel army was destroyed. But there still a few rebel commanders with a sizable fighting force scattered around the Riverland. Having replenished his army, Lord Fredrik move northward as a part of Lord Jaime's army to capture The Twins while its lord, Olyvar Frey is besieging Greywater Watch. Hearing the destruction of Tully's army at Riverrun, Lord Olyvar abandoned the siege and raced toward The Twins. 
A week later, Lord Fredrik Reyne led the vanguard attack against Ser Waldron Frey to secure the road to The Twins. A three hours battle saw the inferior Frey army defeated and unable to reach their ancestral seat before the Westerland army. Lord Jaime captured The Twins with ease after Fredrik's swift victory at the Green Fork. To reinforce his number, the Lord Commander issued order to Lord Roose Bolton to rejoin the campaign however the latter declined and marched back to Winterfell instead.
The traitor, Lord Olyvar Frey wrote the truce letter and request to renew his fealty to the Iron Throne. A truce was signed by both parties at The Twins followed by a feast, however it's a part of Jaime's scheme to punish the betrayal of House Frey and remove them once for all. At the end of the feast, the infamous Rain of Castamere performed by the hired musician and later, the massacre ensued with the assassination of the entire House Frey's members. Lord Fredrik is present during the cold blooded massacre as the past memory of his ancestor starts to haunt back his mind. With this event, Lord Jaime preserve the brutality of House Lannister and ensure his reputation at par with his late father, Tywin Lannister.
Shortly after the feast, Lord Fredrik was being slandered by Lord Gawen Westerling who mocked him in comparing the massacre of the Frey with the tragedy of House Reyne sixty-years ago. "The Reyne should never be pardoned and you.... traitorous heir of Reynard should locked yourself at Castamere for the rest of your life" Insulted, Fredrik coldly replied "I once fought together with the Westerling knight during Siege of Fawnton. What a finest swordsman they are, but it's great shame they are led by a coward from the Crag (ancestral seat of House Westerling).." Lord Jaime upon hearing the fiery conversation from his vassal asked them to settle their differences in a knightly manner - sword duel. Lord Gawen named his son, Ser Harald as his champion. A battle hardened warrior himself, Lord Fredrik step forward to meet his opponent. Armed with his ancestral Valyrian sword, Fredrik does not take much time to wound Ser Harold.
A year after the Frey's massacre, the rebel army has been weakened by the absence of leadership and most importantly, the will to fight. The rebellious House Blackwood suffered a crushing defeat at Maidenpool, followed by the final pitched battle near Fairmarket which saw the victorious Vale army destroyed Lord Leslyn Haigh. Harrenhal, the last rebel stronghold is now under siege by Lord Randyll Tarly. However, a shocked incident happened during the anniversary on the fall of The Twins. Warden of the West, Lord Paramount Jaime Lannister has been assassinated with a short note "The North remembers" left on his dead body. With the death of Jaime, Lord Kevan Lannister was named the new Warden of the West until Jaime's son come of age. Despite the appointment, a 74 years old Kevan was incapable to perform his duty as Lord Commander and diligently commissioned his son in-law, Lord Fredrik to lead the Westerland army for the rest of Riverland campaign.
320AC - It is the second year of the campaign, with Harrenhal successfully captured by the Reach and no rebel activities reported at the Riverland except for one sizable rebel army sighted but later lost its track. Lord Fredrik concluded the campaign and permit the Westerland lords to return to their respective castles in a single warparty to avoid ambush. Two months later, he left Riverrun under the command of newly appointed Lord Paramount of Trident, Horas Harroway before rode back to Castamere with his 2,000 troops and 500 sellsword from the famous Raventree Legion. Upon reaching Golden Tooth, his army was being intercept by 5,000 rebel troops command by Lord Myles Mooton. Finally, he managed to found the last rebel army reported by his intel a couple of months ago.
Having caught in this situation few times in his glorious military career, he quickly deployed his famous square column. The Raventree archer unleashed their deadly heavy arrow to fend off the cavalry, while the spearman lock their shield in order to put extra weight to absorb the infantry charge who rely on their sheer number. After three hours of relatively pointless and uncoordinated attack by the rebel, Lord Fredrik ordered his cavalry to chase down the retreating troops.
Upon examined Lord Myles' corpse, Lord Fredrik learnt a bitter truth about the assassination of the late Tywin Lannister. The order was being sent by Lord Roose Bolton and carried out by assassin hired by Lord Olyvar Frey. His deduction was all true, the invasion of Iron Island was merely a ruse to concealed Lord Roose's involvement by having the Greyjoy linked to the assassination. To his knowledge, Fredrik knew both Roose and Olyvar were the benefactors of Red Wedding where Lord Tywin was the mastermind behind the massacre of House Stark a few years ago. But Fredrik did not have any significant evidence to bring the matter into Queen's attention. In his deep thought "Why Olyvar brought his entire army to siege Roose at Greywater? If they were both conspirators, why they want to kill each other? There something strange about this.."

That's the end of episode four. Stay tuned for the finale episode of my mini series. Probably will be out next week ya!

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