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Kisah AKU n Reyne of Castamere: The Baratheon's Usurpers


Ahad lepas aku bukak website ModDB, ingat nak tengok la mod-mod baru yang boleh main untuk Bannerlord sebab The Long Night ni belum capai standard yang aku expect. Aku faham ianya mod baru tapi aku berpendapat instead of expand armor/weapon or mechanics baru, cuba try to fully revamp dulu lore item such as story, faction, character and location's name etc. Kira macam tak syok la main mod Game of Thrones, tapi dalam mod kita still boleh nampak native's naming - contohnya leader untuk The Dorne supposed to be Doran from House Martell, tapi dalam mod ni its still named as Unqid from Clan Aserai (naming in native Bannerlord). Also this mod juga belum consider stable, ada la a few rage quit in my experience sebab crash to desktop. 

So, sekarang aku decided untuk tunggu a stable dan enhanced version dari developer. But, to kill time I chose to restart AWOIAF Warband yang jauh lagi complete dengan fully revamped lore item, armor, weapon, unique quest dan of course, it's already matured and stable. Buat pulak aku perasan yang developer mod ni, Produno ada upload satu mod enhancement yang dinamakan AWOIAF Reworked somewhere on March 2021. So, aku terus download dan hasilnya, I create my own long night. Apa benda dod? Ya, main game sampai jam 3 pagi everyday. Haha

Since old save game aku dah buang angkara terlampau orgasm dengan Bannerlord dulu, terpaksalah start semula from bottom. Still our hero namanya Fredrik, cuma this time he's from House Reyne. Why? Sebagai seorang GoT fans, rasanya korang sedia maklum tentang the infamous Rain of Castamere yang menjadi lambang kekuasaan dan reputasi brutal House Lannister. Let's start our story.

The year is 260AC with the last Reyne's army was being crushed near Tarbeck. The survivor fled north to Castamere (ancestral seat of House Reyne) which was built beneath the network of gold-mine. Lord Roger Reyne, together with what remains on his family and army seek shelter inside the impregnable castle. The heir of House Lannister, Tywin quickly siege and sealed Castamere and trap the survivor inside with little chances to escape. After a week of groundwork, he ordered the Lannister's engineer to channel the river water directly into Castamere. Not even a single arrow, or fire shot during the siege. The castle was been silent only by, water. Drowned in their own castle, the entire members of House Reyne was presumably perished. Hence gave the name - Rain (water) of Castamere. However, the heir escaped the carnage - Ser Reynard, managed to survived and took refuge at Starfall, ancestral seat of his wife's family, Lady Allyria Dayne. Fast forward ten years later during Aerys II's reign, House Reyne was being pardoned by the King and the title Lord of Castamere, reinstated together with their cadet houses - Vikary & Spicer. Once the great house of the Westerland, now House Reyne was often perceived as untrustworthy and deceitful. This led to their isolation by Lord Tywin Lannister's campaign during Robert's Rebellion on 280AC. 

298AC - Fredrik is the current head of House Reyne after Reynard's death eight years ago during Greyjoy Rebellion in the Battle of Pyke. It was believed that the Reyne's host was being handed false information on Lord Tywin's movement which led to their fateful destruction by Lord Euron Greyjoy. As for Fredrik being the surviving son of House Reyne, he already take great responsibility to lead the house at his young age. His elder sisters, Ellyn and Asha were no longer eligible to lead the Reyne after their marriage with heirs from their cadet houses, respectively.

Adored by his people as a competent administrator, during his free time Fredrik always seek time to visit commoners, hanging out in tavern and doing bard performance while accompanied by his loyal squire, Podrick.

300AC - War of the Five Kingdoms started after the sudden death of King Robert Baratheon. Now anointed Knight of the realm, a 16 years old Lord Fredrik Reyne was being summoned by Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister to raise his banner to Joffrey's cause which by birthright (son of King Robert and Queen Cersei), the rightful ruler of Westeros. Determine to recover his family reputation, the young Lord of Castamere do not hesitate and immediately raised Reyne's Red Lion banner and march his host totaled around 2,000 strong to the King's Landing.

His first assignment was to support Tywin's defenses of Crownland from imminent invasion from the Baratheon's usurpers - Stannis and Renly. The latter met at Duskendale exchanging words, probably on the fateful Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion which killed most of Fredrik's ancestors forty years ago. "So, you are Reynard's son. Have you go to war before?" "No, my Lord" ."You will be under Lord Lefford's command to bring Stormland into submission. Serve well and your family's debt shall be forgotten" 

Shortly after that, the Westerland split their host - Tywin to advance through to engage Stannis's Dragonstone army while Lefford to take inland route via Kingswood. Their objective is the ancestral seat of the Stormland, Storm's End. It does not take long where the Red Lion command his first battle of the campaign near Hunters Pass which ended with a decisive victory against Ser Artsan Selmy. Two weeks later, he crushed Lord Balon Swann's army at the Fellwood's Pocket thus repulsed the Stormland's rearguard. Lord Lefford congratulated him "Magnificent victories Lord Reyne, you can fight. Now, I gave you autonomy to carry out your own operations"

A brave young commander, he often seen leading his cavalry at the height of battle while wielding Reyne's ancestral Valyrian sword - Red Rain to boost the morale of his host.

Scaling the wall and captured Fawnton castle from Ser Jon Cafferen after 12 days of siege which instrumental in luring Renly's main army from Storm's End straight into Lefford's trap at Strait of Tarth. The Stormlander's king fell into the trap and was being destroyed near Bronzegate, barely escaped with his Kingsguard. Two brilliant victories and the capture of Fawnton already increased Fredrik's renown among his enemy and ally. Despite that, most of Westerland's lords especially his late father arc-nemesis, Lord Gawen Westerling refused to give Fredrik credit on his success "That Reyne boy, it's just damn pure luck.."

A truce agreed for one month between the warring Houses whom worshiped Faith of Seven to make way for the annual religious festival. Lord Fredrik rode back to Castamere together with his entourage. Reaching the Westerland border near Crakehall, his party stumbled upon a Lannister camp under attack by rogue Baratheon's host led by Ser Beric Dondarrion. Lord Fredrik ambushed the attacker and later found a woman lying unconscious inside the camp.

Lord Fredrik's retinue rode to Lannisport to return the woman to her family. It was found out that she is indeed, Lady Janei Lannister - daughter of Lord Kevan & Dorna Lannister. "Thank you Fredrik, I owed your family twice..". "Twice?". Lord Kevan answered "Yes. Your uncle, Lord Roger. He saved me during the War of Ninepenny King and now, you protect Janei from the outlaw..I would like to offer you my daughter's hand for marriage.." A shocked Fredrik replied "But I'm Reyne, my Lord and you are a Lannister. What your brother will say about this?"."Its none of his concern. I need brave men like you to marry my daughter. Both Fredrik and Janei looked each other "If Lady Janei permit me, I do.."The two developed an intimate relationship and has been given permission to exchange letter. A medieval form of love blessing from the custodian to the potential suitor. 

Later, in a modest ceremony at Lannisport - Lord Fredrik Reyne wed Lady Janei Lannister attended by lords of Westerland. This is a continuity of marriage tradition between two of the oldest Westerland's noble houses which ended before the outbreak of Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion forty years ago. 

A week after his marriage, Lord Fredrik was being recalled to the front and quickly rode back to Fawnton.  He was greeted by his second in-command, Ser Lyman Vikary "Welcome back Lord Reyne and congratulation on your marriage. Our situation is not good now, we are losing every land we captured previously." "Why?" "Lord Westerling decided to holed up here, instead of taking initiatives. He planned to wait for Lord Tywin." An enraged Fredrik replied "That's nonsense. We lose every ground we had if he continue to stay here. How much longer we need to wait for the Lannister. Summoned the Reyne..and those who want to fight" . Before the truce, the Westerland successfully captured a considerable amount of lands while inflicted massive casualties to Renly's host. However,  Renly starting to regain his territory while taking advantage of the passive Lord Westerling's approach. 

Fredrik retook the command of Reyne's army on late 300AC and begin to plan counter-offensive to check the Stormland's advance. Spending his family's wealth, he used his father's connection from Qohor to deploy the famous Unsullied troops into the War of Five Kingdoms. He personally financed the establishment of a permanent camp near Blackwater Bay to house fresh Unsullied supplied every month from Essos. With these additional forces Fredrik is able to pushed Renly back to its original position. He is now does not have any choice either to defend his ancestral seat or retreat southward to the strategic Crow Nest, regroup and give battle there. 

301AC - Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister orchestrated Red Wedding which saw the massacre of House Stark at The Twins. This incident was instrumental as the North and Riverland later shift their allegiance to the Westerland cause with the conspirator, Lord Roose Bolton appointed as the new Warden of the North from King Joffrey. 

With a series of heavy defeats, Stannis was being forced to surrender Dragonstone to The Vale and later being killed in the finale Battle of Claw Isle. His brother, Renly also struggling to maintain his position after being pushed out from Storm's End. 

With his rear free from any provocation from the Dragonstone, the North and the Riverland, Tywin launched the largest ever offensive forces of the campaign comprising more than 20,000 troops from various Westerland houses to throw Renly out from the campaign and end the war once and for all.

The Westerland host storm the last bastion of Stormland at Weeping Town. Lord Fredrik led the vanguard attack against ill supplied Renly's host and open the city gate to allow more reinforcement to plug the gap. Meanwhile, the Reach's fleet under the command of Lord Paxter Redwyne annihilated Stormland's navy near Shipbreaker Bay which put the final nail in the coffin for Renly's dream to sit at the Iron Throne.

Lord Fredrik Reyne after the decisive Battle of Weeping Town, equipped with Reyne shield (Red Lion sigil) and his Red Rain. A truly bloody siege where casualties from both sides were massive, together with a numbers of high rank nobles.

After the final battle, the victorious Fredrik returned to King's Landing and was greeted by Queen-Regent, a 16 years old Cersei Lannister which congratulated him on the successful campaign. "Well done Lord Fredrik, you served my father well. We will look on your career closely.." ." Thank you my Queen. It's an honor to serve the realm during this precarious hour.." 

The Westerland territory after the War of the Five Kingdom, too large that it need to be separated into three regional area - 1) Westerland, 2) Crownland and 3) Stormland 

Shortly after the end of War of Five Kingdoms, Fredrik returned to Westerland and continue to perform his duty as the Lord of Castamere. 

Panjang lebar kan cerita hari ni. Bukan nak review mod pun, saja nak menaip story. Aku ni time sekolah menengah pernah tulis short novel tau. Tu yang membawa sampai kedalam blog ni. Maklumlah, naik Sheikh sekejap. Haha. Takde apa nak review pun AWOIAF Reworked ni cuma ada improved troops tree and new household troop, changes of city/castle icon in map, swordsmanship ability, enhanced garrison dan improvement untuk recruitable mercenary such as The Golden Company. Maybe lepas ni aku akan try satu mod GoT untuk Bannerlord - Trial of the Seven Kingdom. Nampak macam menarik, maybe hujung minggu ni aku download dan review. Till then, take care semua.

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