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Kisah AKU n Reyne of Castamere - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken


Seperti yang dijanjikan, episod ketiga didalam mini-series: Reyne of Castamere. Sila klik link dibawah untuk previous episode:

  1. E01 -Reyne of Castamere - The Baratheon's Usurpers
  2. E02 - Reyne of Castamere - The Wrath of Kraken

310AC - Within five years after the coronation of Queen Cersei Lannister, there is a smell of dissatisfaction across the Seven Kingdom. With the death of Stannis during the war, Renly sent to the Wall while Joffrey & Tommen assassinated, the true Baratheon's male lineage was ended. The cause of dissatisfaction? Primarily was due to the rumors on the Queen behind the assassination of King Joffrey Baratheon, although some believed it was being instigated by House Stark sympathizers. This led to the open rebellion initiated by Lord Monford Velaryon and Lord Ardrian Celtigar, joined by other Crownland houses. They were once all sworn to the royal House Baratheon. However with the Queen's father, Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister commanding the Royal army, the rebellion was being crushed after a year of fighting. The rebellious house were forced to bend the knee while the instigators, House Velaryon and Celtigar were defeated and exiled to Essos.

With the marriage of Ser Jaime Lannister and Lady Margery Tyrell, the Westerland further solidified their alliance with the Reach. In addition, collaborators of the Red Wedding were rewarded handsomely for their involvement. Lord Paramount Roose Bolton was appointed Warden of the North, while Lord Walder Frey was being installed as the new Lord Paramount of the Trident. The Iron Island is now just a mere petty kingdom due to their heavy defeat during Ironborn Rebellion five years ago. Far to the desert land of the Dorne, things not go smoothly with the assassination of peace-loving Prince Doran Martell in the hand of Sand Snake, this led to the installation of Ellaria Sand as the new ruler for Dornish people. Shortly after the event, the last surviving member of the Baratheon's house which was being held captive at Sunspear, Myrcella was being poisoned presumably by the order of Queen Ellaria. This led to the renewal of hostilities against the Iron Throne.

311AC - Lord Fredrik is at Castamere when he received a raven with from Tywin Lannister to mobilize his army. "Ser Lyman, ready the troops at once. We are marching south". A week later, the Reyne's host led by the Lord of Castamere himself marching south to join the campaign. Prior to the royal invasion, the Dorne is already at war with its neighbor, the Reach and both side suffered heavy casualties as a result of many years of perpetual hostility. According to Tywin's plan, the Royal standing army total around 10,000 strong led by Ser Jaime Lannister will land near The Tor, while another forces from the West, including Fredrik will assembled at the frontier at Vulture Roost castle and move inland into Dorne territory. 

The assembly was complete in late 311AC with the forces around 15,000 Westerlanders marshaled by Lord Kevan Lannister gathered in a short feast before crossing the border. The Royal fleet however was being delayed due to bad weather and abnormal sea condition. Further request made by Warden of the South, Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell asking for reinforcement to relieve Blackmont worsen the situation as Lord Kevan need to decide whether to split his army or advance forward to secure The Tor's beachhead. "Father, let me bring my men to reinforce the Tyrell. I know this land better than anyone here..". "Alright Fredrik, you will advance westward with your men tomorrow. I wish you good luck."  Lord Fredrik who familiar with the Dorne's geography, thanks to his maternal association with House Dayne volunteered to bring his 2,500 men to relieve Lord Mace.


Upon consideration, Lord Fredrik decided to take dry marshes route instead of marching directly through desert to minimize any harassment by the Dorne's cavalry and also to avoid contact with the its scout. After two weeks of hidden march, the Reyne's host appeared near Kingsgrave. Fredrik sent raven to Lord Mace informing his reinforcement arrival. However 2,500 is not a good odd against 15,000 Dorne's besieger, plus the Reach reinforcement party led by Lord Randyll Tarly is nowhere to be seen. 

A highly decorated field commander of Stormland & Ironborn campaigns, Lord Fredrik quickly devised plan to split the Dorne's commander. "Here is the plan, we will split the Dornish generals and pick them one at a time. Let's hope they fell into my trap.."The plan was set and Lord Andres Yronwood is the first to fall into Fredrik's trap. Thanks to his network of spies which gave false information on his size and position, 6,000 Dorne's forces led by Lord Yronwood split from the besieging army to crush the relief effort.

As planned, Fredrik only put quarter of its forces as a decoy, while the main chunk of his army lead by Ser Lyman Vikary are well hidden in a forest. His intuition worked as Yronwood led his cavalry to directly charge the Reyne's vanguard thinking its Fredrik's main army. Packed in a square formation, the spearman locked their shield and repulsed the cavalry charge while taking minimal loss. 

Having failed to break the line, Lord Yronwood rode back and instruct general advance. This is where the battle will be decided. With Dorne's fearsome cavalry was put out of the action and no longer considered significant threat, slaying Dorne's infantry is just a piece of cake considering their inferiority against the battle hardened Westerlanders. 

4,000 Dorne's infantry advanced to Fredrik's center and met with a terrible hail of arrow from Reyne's archers stationed in the forest. To counter, Lord Yronwood bring his fresh archers into the fray to unleash their infamous poisoned Dornish arrow into Fredrik's spearman line. 

Unintimidated, he ordered Ser Lyman's cavalry to reveal their position out from the forest and charge the archers. Seeing their archers routed, the Dorne's infantry did not really have option but continue to fight. With these, Fredrik unleashed his final deadly card by instructing the Reyne's infantry to charge and encircle Yronwood's army. The battle is over at 4pm with total decimation of Lord Yronwood's army together with its commander. 

The victorious Fredrik's army rode southward to execute his second plan which is to lure Lord Ryon Allyrion from the besieging army. He quickly sent his spies dressed in Dorne's apparel to deliver false message of his defeat and further information on the retreat. After discussing with his war council, Lord Allyrion sent a detachment of 3,000 cavalrymen led by Ser Edric Dayne to chase the 'retreating' Westerlanders. 

Two armies met at the field of Skyreach and start to prepare for battle. Having known the superiority of Dorne's cavalry, Lord Fredrik put his men in a large square formation with hollow center to stationed his archers and cavalry. The battle itself was straightforward where the elite Dorne's cavalry charged the Reyne's position and unable to break the square. Obviously, charging horse directly into the line of spear is never a good tactic. It was recorded thirty cavalry charge to and fro during the battle which saw massive casualties for the Dayne's host due to spear thrust and rain of arrow from Reyne's army. 

As for Fredrik, the battle itself was a glorious victory where he suffered less than 100 casualties against 2,000 wounded and dead for the Dorne. "My lord, you need to see this. It's the Dornish commander" Fredrik went with Ser Lyman and shocked to saw his cousin's corpse. "Ohh my dear Edric..". The joy was interrupted when he realized Ser Edric Dayne, the opposing commanding officer was among the dead. He was devastated, due to the fact that Ser Edric was his cousin (from his mother side) and his family owed House Dayne of their assistance to shelter Lord Reynard's family in the aftermath of Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion. 

After his two successive victories, the Reyne advanced towards Blackmont and quickly prepare defensive operation to trap Lord Allyrion's 6,000 besieger. With his forces trap from two sides, the Dorne's commander called for parley and surrender their arms. The siege was being successfully lifted, thanks to the genius of Lord Fredrik which against all odd, managed to killed a sizable host of Dornish troops with a smaller number from his side. Shortly after the end of the siege, Lord Tarly arrived with 8,000 men. "I'm glad in two things about you Lord Reyne - we are not in war and you are our ally." Lord Reyne, Much of his awe, he gave credit to Fredrik's tactic in lifting the siege. The three commanders later joined force to invade Dorne from the southwest, further reinforced by another 6,000 troops from Lord Paxter Redwyne. 

The army starts to advanced eastward to join Lord Kevan Lannister via Dorne Great Desert with a fairly large provision of water and foods while capturing lightly defended castle of Starfall and Sandstone in process. However nearing Hellholt, 18,000 allied army commanded by Lord Mace Tyrell was being blocked by around 25,000 Dornish led by Lord Gullian Qorgyle. 

The battle was brutal with almost 8,000 dead and wounded for the Reach host. Fredrik himself was left with 1,500 troops after the battle. Casualties for the Dorne was much higher with 20,000 wounded and dead, the rest was scattered. 

After the battle, the road to Sunspear was widely open. Further news received from the East, Kevan managed to secured central Dorne, however Ser Jaime Lannister's army was being cornered and defeated at Spottswood. He later was captured and held captive at Sunspear. 

The Reach and Westerlander merged their forces and begin the Siege of Sunspear. Fearing the safety of his heir of Casterly Rock, Lord Tywin Lannister requested a parley but refused by Queen Ellaria. The latter demanded withdrawal of the entire Westerland-Reach army from Dorne and unconditional returned of the captured lands. This is not an acceptable terms, and a mere mockery to Tywin's intelligence. The siege was continued for another three months with no further attempt to storm the capital by force. With their supplies running out and constant harassment on their logistic line from both land and sea, the Hand of the Queen need to decide now whether to commence the attack and risk of losing Jaime or prolong the siege and risk of losing his army due to sickness and starvation.

Later, Lord Fredrik met Lord Tywin in the allied camp and volunteered to rescue Jaime from captive. "Lord Lannister, let me bring my best men. I live here before. There's a small tunnel at the east wing of Sunspear, located beneath the town's prison. I think I can get in from there..". "Go one Lord Reyne..and please, I want him alive."  Having carefully studied the Dorne's capital through his childhood experience and his network of spies, he gathered his companions and stealthily infiltrate the town prison and freed Jaime. 

With the rescue of Tywin's heir, the Westerland army commenced the bombardment of the city by trebuchets, the infantry begin to scale the formidable wall of Sunspear. 15,000 troops participate in the attack from three directions, Lord Fredrik and his Reyne's host was task to seize Martell Gate, together with the Lannister's army.

A fierce urban combat raged in the street of Dorne's capital throughout the day with the Dorne's army and citizens fiercely defend every inch of their land. However, the futile resistance met its end with the annihilation of the last defender inside Royal Palace. Queen Ellaria was last seen in the burning harem, together with her daughters - Tyene, Nymeria and Loreza.

With the Dorne's total defeat in the war, it did symbolized their house's motto - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. They never bent the knee to the Queen, they fought every inch of their land and they never surrender. The campaign was proven a costly one for Queen Cersei with almost 15,000 troops dead and wounded in action, however it did helps to boost prestige and strengthen her legitimate claim on the Iron Throne.

313AC - With the end of the campaign, the Westerland added precious Dorne's land into their territory with the jackpot of lucrative trading capital of Sunspear that provide access to the rich Volantis through Jade Sea. The Reach also held a considerable amount of lands, thanks to House Reyne heroic stand in the Battle of Hellholt which allow the allied army to avoid shameful defeat and turn the tide of battle that allow them to crushed Dorne's army. 

Lord Fredrik was being approached by Lord Tywin Lannister who congratulated him for a tactical mastermind to lift the Siege of Blackmont which was instrumental in ensuring Reach's participation in the war, also his brilliant stand during the Battle of Hellholt and most importantly his bravery to rescued Jaime at Sunspear. "Lord Reyne, I am very pleased with your contribution to the realm. You did well in helping our ally at their direst hours and most important for me, you brought Jamie back to us.."With his grace, he offered Fredrik affiliation to the House Lannister. Although he is already affiliated with the Lannister through his marriage with Lady Janei, this honor from the Warden of the West himself is irresistible.

He is also rewarded with a new land, town of Kayce which is located near Lannisport and Casterly Rock. This town was previously under the lordship of Lord Terrence Kenning, however he was stripped from his title and land due to his involvement in the previous Crownland Rebellion. 

After the war, he is often seen exploring the countryside together with his companion during his free time (from left: the Lord's Guard Ser Barristan Selmy, his personal maester Sylva and his squire, Podrick Payne). With much proper facilities and its status as one of Westerland's important town, Fredrik shifted his administration center and brought his wife, Lady Janei and their children - Edric, Alyssane and Adrian to Kayce. To honor his family's legacy, he gladly retained the title Lord of Castamere although no longer center his power there. The memory of the infamous Rain of Castamere run deeply in his heart.

That's the wrap for episode three, I think got three more episodes to come, stay tuned!

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Kisah AKU n New Haircut?


Hari ni takde update pasal mini-series Reyne of Castamere, draf dah ada. Nanti-nantilah aku siapkan episode 3 tu. Aku tahu korang semua waiting kan? Haha, jom kita update real life pulak.

Minggu lepas, tanggal 20/5 aku memberanikan diri untuk ke barber shop dekat Sg Buaya ni. Niatnya nak gunting rambut yang telah aku simpan genap setahun yang lepas.

Sebelum. Seriously kalau tanya aku memang rimas rambut panjang macam ni, nak buat kerja apa pun tak jalan. Time makan tu kalau cekak hilang memang boleh termakan rambut sendiri lah gamaknya. Haha

Selepas. Perggh, bak kata mak muda remaja bhai.

Datang office dengan wajah baru, terkejut kawan-kawan ofis. Huhu

Lama jugak kerja kat office hari tu, maklumlah banyak kerja nak disettlekan. Buat pulak sekarang ni Parking department tinggal tiga staff je. Tengah syok meeting dengan bos boleh terpadam pulak lampu. Siot betul.

Haha, budak ni dah la takut serangga, buat pulak kat taska ada sesi mengenal rama-rama

Eh, kenapa berselfie dengan jersi Newcastle ni? 

Ya betul, semalam merupakan match terakhir EPL bagi musim 2020/2021. Last game kot, mesti lah kena tengok. Menang pulak tu 0-2 versus Fulham. Willock score lagi beb! Hopefully dia stay lah kt St James' Park.

And guess what, eventhough mula-mula nampak macam gloomy season for us. Berjaya jugak kami tamatkan liga di tangga ke-12. Okay lah tu, player pun ramai injured especially ASM dan Wilson yang proven lethal. Nasib baik sempat loan Joe Willock from Arsenal, memang terbukti penting dalam our relegation battle sampailah dapat tempat yang quite respectable jugak.

Thank you to Steve Bruce and the players for a memorable season. What a rollercoaster ride we had here. Howay the lads!

Rasanya, itu sahaja cerita untuk malam ni. Aku sekarang nak try main mod Fire & Blood untuk Medieval 2 Total War (M2TW). Baru habis download dan install pagi tadi, ada jugak try seround. Nampak promising. Mod tahun 2019, untuk game yang dah berusia hampir 15 tahun. Mana taknya, M2TW tu aku main dari zaman Asasi lagi. Haha

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Kisah AKU n Reyne of Castamere: The Wrath of Kraken


Dah macam mini series pulak ada sambungan ni, huu. Untuk sesiapa yang nak baca part 1 boleh singgah link ni - Reyne of Castamere: The Baratheon's Usurper 

304AC - The realm enjoy a peaceful two years before another conflict broke out between The North and Iron Island which saw the fall of Flint's Fingers to Ironborn forces led by Lord Victarion Greyjoy. Warden of the North, Lord Paramount Roose Bolton sent raven to King Joffrey to request royal intervention. Ultimatum given to King Balon Greyjoy to withdraw and recall his army, however it was rejected and the Westerland once again pull into yet another bloody war.

While the Ironborn is making inland progress at the North marching towards Barrowtown and The Rills, the Westerland fleet command by Lord Kevan Lannister swiftly landed and seized Harlaw Island and transform Ten Towers castle into field headquarter for an island hopping campaign.

Lord Fredrik's flotilla managed to gain foothold and took a lightly defended Iron Holt by defeating Ser Sawane Botley. This allowed a safe passage for the Westerland fleet sailed from Lannisport to Harlaw.

Two armies assembled near Saltcliffe between Lord Fredrik's Westerland and Lord Euron's Ironborn in his attempt to retake Iron Holt. While it is known that the Ironborn hailed as a formidable sailor in the Westeros, their reputation in fighting inland is never a glorious one. Fredrik studied his opponents and found out that the Ironborn is heavily rely on their heavy infantry, their cavalry and archer's standard is no match against their Westerland's counterpart. Though lack of discipline, their valour is already a legendary status.

Fredrik's put his infantry in a deep double line, Unsullied at the center to receive the fearsome Greyjoy Reaver. His left are guarded by skirmishers and the second line was being manned by Westerland's heavy infantry. 20 yards at the back, a contingent of Westerland's arbalaster and Raventree archer to form a missile support against the advancing Ironborn. Euron, also a battle proven commander sent his cavalry to harass the Westerland's host, as well as to study its formation.

Unlike previous Stormland's campaign where he usually lead from the front, here Fredrik choose to oversee the battle which allow him to give direct command to his host. This is due to the fact that he's yet to see the Ironborn's tactic in a real battle. Ser Lyman Vikary was being tasked to lead Reyne's heavy knight squadron, well concealed in a woods and ready to unleash their deadly charge once the Ironborn fell into Fredrik's trap. 

As far as he know, Fredrik is about to command his first pitched battle against the Ironborn. Fifteen years ago, his father's army was soundly defeated near Pyke during Greyjoy Rebellion. One of the reason was their lack of knowledge on the Ironborn's kraken formation which managed to destroy Reynard's center together with the Lord of Castamere himself. A leaderless Westerland's host became an easy target and quickly decimated. 

The battle started at 5pm, as expected Euron throw his fearsome Greyjoy Reaver into the fray. Un-intimidated by their opponent's warcry, the Unsullied lock their shield. A brutal hand to hand combat raged between the spearman and axe-wielder warrior. 

Another wave of Greyjoy Reaver attack Fredrik's left, as planned - Westerland's spearman unleashed their deadly spear volley to the Ironborn and feigned retreat. The Greyjoy Reaver chased the skirmisher, but later was being intercepted by Fredrik's second line of defense with full surprise.

Missile support continues to rain arrow to the advancing Ironborn. Euron later commit his final wave of the elite Greyjoy Reaver to complete his kraken formation to smash the badly hurt Unsullied

To reinforce his failing center, Fredrik moved his Westerland's heavy infantry to fill the gap and join the struggle to absorb the brutal attack. Simultaneously, the victorious infantry enveloped the right flank and engage the Ironborn in a fierce melee attack. 

Once both infantry locked into the battle, he gave signal to Ser Lyman to charge the Ironborn from the rear. The encirclement was complete and the battlefield turns into a massacre.

Almost a thousand casualties for the Ironborn including its commander, Euron Greyjoy in a decisive Battle of Saltcliffe. While the Reyne suffered less than two-hundred casualties. The Lord of Castamere himself suffered mild arrow shot during the battle. Due to this victory, Iron Holt was being awarded to to House Reyne by King Joffrey. A further invasion staged by Lord Kevan managed to captured Hammerhorn. A strategic fortress which provide access to Great Wyk Harbor, the castle prove vital for the war effort as it helps to block incoming reinforcement from Wyk, the largest island in the Ironman's Bay. 

As the conflict marked its first year, the North led by Lord Paramount Roose Bolton managed to recaptured Flint's Finger from Victarion ever decreasing invading host. With the return of the Ironborn's most competent commander, the Greyjoy reformed and launch a series of desperate counter offensive. However, it was deemed too late as the Westerland's also bolster its forces with the arrival of Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister.

Lord Fredrik was caught off guard when the Ironborn led by Lord Ralf Stonehouse attack his encampment near Hardstone Hill during dawn time. Unable to fully organize his defenses, the Red Lion rallied his cavalry hoping to buy time to allow Ser Lyman, whom second-in-command to setup a defensive perimeter. Some 300 cavalrymen consisted of Reyne's knight drew their lance and charge forward. 

The initial charge was successful in breaking the Ironborn's marching column, followed by second and third charges which help to distract Ralf's advancing troops. Upon seeing white smoke - signal for complete defensive formation, the cavalry trot back to their camp. 

Like a typical brute Ironborn, Lord Stonehouse utilized his sheer number to strike the now well-defended Westerland's camp. Having rejoined his troops Lord Fredrik quickly took command of the army, moving tirelessly while issuing order to his unit commander. 

Against all odd, the unprepared Westerlanders managed to turn the table and fend off the attack while inflicted massive casualties on their opponents.

The hard fought victory help to thwart any possible threat from Wyk island with the decimation of  Stonehouse's army. Lord Tywin Lannister landed at Pyke Island on 305AC and quickly laid twin siege of Lordsport and The Pyke fortress. The siege was being participated by 18,000 troops from both land and sea.

With the fall of Lordsport & Pyke, King Balon Greyjoy sued for peace and agreed to pay for war reparations to the North, in addition to the territorial loss to the Westerland.

306AC - The war is over after two-years of bloody conflict. Iron Island was indeed the true loser of the war - total submission to the Iron Throne, downsized strength of the Iron Fleet, fifteen-thousand civilian and military casualties, in addition to huge territory loss including Iron Holt, Harlaw, Hammerhorn, Ten Towers, Orkmont, Blacktyde, Lordsport and The Pyke. 

Lord Fredrik was not a part of Tywin's entourage to King's Landing. Instead, he straightly went back to settle administrative issue at the Iron Holt before sailed back to Castamere to returned to his wife and three-years old son, Edric - the heir of House Reyne. 

The Westerland's host sailed back to mainland and march victoriously to the capital, however just before they reached King's Landing. Grim news received from the Red Keep - the King is dead. It's true. King Joffrey Baratheon and his brother, Prince Tommen was being assassinated presumably by House Stark sympathizer. With the death of the late King Robert Baratheon's sons, the royal Baratheon's line was perished. Lord Tywin Lannister seized the moment and crowned his daughter, Cersei who is the current Queen-Consort as the new Queen of the Andals & The First Men and Protector of the Seven Kingdoms. 

That's the end of Part 2, more part will surely come later. Next - Conquest of Dorne. Stay tuned!