Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kisah AKU n Miss X (Ep.2)

Shall we wait, Sir...Perhaps you should give her another chance, and she might change her mind...Still No? (Schindler's List, you made me cry tonight)

She will never get that necklace...of course; she will never get anything from me – perhaps, she’s right, the necklace should be on the right person. I have done everything – too much, from telling the truth, telling on my feeling towards her, but, she never listen, she never know, how I struggling to battled my fear against love. How can I give it to her, she did not want me. Stay away from me!!, that is what she said, and I believed it's directed towards me.

So, what now Farid? You lost the battle, but, you did not lose everything. You still have friend that support you throughout your precious experience, you still owes your sister, although, all tips to overcome your fear did not run well this time, you still have Allah.

I remembered on about the previous 2 years. You gained reputation at school – wearing purple vest was highly regarded compared to other enforcement bodies such as the prefects and librarians – they did not have any vest, you earned respects from teachers, you collected several “adik angkat”, you have a nice girlfriend – although you will never accept the reason why she left you for another man. It is your first and last – you said it before, yes, it’s very true – she was history- she is your first date and amazingly Farid, finished with her, you did not have other until now. There are no such thing – rm30 top-up for a week, no calling-calling, sweet messaging, and no date. But, you paid it with much greater value – loneliness.

I really saluted you Farid, you still took that risk – you know she have a close relationship with your roommate, but you never yield. When, you saw them chatting at Facebook, you did not shown any sign of jealousy but you took it very professional - only when he playing video games, , you will pretend to wiki-wiki but actually you're trying to contact her through facebook IM– the other way,sleep - perhaps it’s the greatest way to cure all sort of problem – mental or physical, playing video games-of course, it's your friend.

For the second time, I saluted you Boss. I did not expected that you will publish your expression and “luahan hati” towards her at your blog. At the first glance, I just assumed you want to talk to her personally. I know you very much sir, for almost 19 years we lives together, how can you – a very shy man, can have a guts to try the new technique to flirt- surprisingly sir. But, I forgot something, you have changed. The law programme had changed you from loser to well-balanced man. Sorry, for underestimating your strength.

Your mother, boss - she is right too – maybe she can find a nice wife for you. Although, it’s still very early to talk and discuss about this matter but it’s shown that we do not take this matter for granted. But still, you must waited sir, for a number of years – to feel another great love. Yeah, it may be a long boring and typical days for you but do believe me sir, from your patience, Allah will pay you – when you pass His simple test, then you will get rewarded.

I remembered a thing sir; it’s during the end of first semester. One of your classmates, Shai did ask you... ”farid, kau takde suka seseorang ke?” then, you replied “aku kalau suka someone, aku tak bagitau, biar dia rasa aura cinta aku...ha3x”, then Zain’s turn to asked you “kalau dia reject macam mana pulak??” do you still remember what is your answer during that time sir??, you said” aku bukan jenis lelaki yang terhegeh-hegeh macam sesetengah lelaki yang gila bayang, perempuan tu tak suka pun still nak menyendel-yendel lagi..” . That’s true sir, you did not lie and remained uphold your greatest prinsip. When your ex left you, you did not take any action to retake her heart, why? It’s useless, once they rejected you; possibly they have another soul in their heart.

We have finished of our discussion sir and it come to our conclusion now. It’s 21th may 2011, 3.40 AM and still we did not receive any response from her although she’s online and if i not mistaken, you still online too, waiting for her respond regarding your morning message. Yes, it’s very loud and clear...You have ordered us to clear and exterminate any remaining memories, just like old time sir, when you ordered us to remove your ex-Facebook and get rid of her pictures from your Miss Compaq...
What! You did not want to remove her. Are you serious? Okay sir, I understand...roger and out.

Your Loyal Servant
Mind and Brain
Supreme Commander of Farid’s Organ

Letter of Surrender

Although it's very hurt to accepted it.I declared that the battle is officially lost on 21th May 2011. With that I, Muhammad Farid B. Abd Gani tender my surrender with a prospect to avoid being the third party.

Your Truly
Muhammad Farid B. Abd Gani

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  1. farid. rilek ye. takpe2 mybe ada yg terbaik tuk kamu tu. chill ok :)