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Kisah AKU n Red Lion of Castamere - A Cat of a Different Coat


Selamat datang ke my new miniseries yang fully utilized material from the famous Warband mod A World of Ice & Fire. Seperti yang you guys aware, before this I've created three miniseries yang go deep into the world of the Reyne, Greystark and Blackfyre. Can click below link untuk menyinggah each mini-series.

  1. Reyne of Castamere - 6 episodes
  2. The Valyrian Revenge - 1 episode
  3. The Grey Wolf - 6 episodes

For this new miniseries, sekali lagi aku gunakan my watak kegemaran - Ser Fredrik Reyne. Cuma this time instead of serving the crown, kali ni aku pilih untuk create alternate story where our hero take revenge against the Lannister. I think logik kot, House Reyne ni kan sworn enemy of House Lannister. Macam impossible pulak boleh dimaafkan gitu je after their failed rebellion. Baiklah, cakap banyak pun tak guna. Terimalah the first episode for a saga of the Red Lion of Castamere 

260AC - after the end of Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion which saw the ascension of House Lannister as the sole-power of the Westerland's region, House Reyne was presumably extincted with the death of its male line - Lord Roger and his brother, Ser Reynard. Unknowingly to Tywin Lannister, Reynard cheated death and escaped to Starfall. There, he reconciled with his wife, Lady Allyria and lived a commoner's life under the protection of his in-law, Lord Gerold Dayne. The year is now 298AC, Ser Fredrik Reyne @ Fredrik Hill is now a twenty years old knight anointed shortly after his victory in Tourney of Sunspear. Fredrik had the opportunity to train the art of swordsmanship from his uncle, Ser Arthur. In addition, he also being exposed to military tactics and logistic, serving as aide-de-camp for Lord Gerold in the recent territorial conflict between the Dorne and its neighbor, the Reach.

At the outbreak of War of the Five Kingdoms, Fredrik decided to leave Dorne and set his journey to explore Westeros. Before departing, he visited the late Ser Reynard's tomb and sworn to take vengeance against the Lannister and restoring pride of Red Lion, the sigil of House Reyne. With blessing from his mother, Fredrik left Starfall carrying the Reyne ancestral Valyrian sword, Red Rain in his journey.

Taking Roseroad, he stopped by at Oldtown and took the opportunity to visit the Great Citadel, learning about the history of House Reyne. There were up and down of this great house - his ancestor fought together with the Lannister during Dance of Dragons and help to end Targaryen's civil war. A decade later, they backed Daemon I Blackfyre in his effort to overthrow the Targayen's dynasty. Another decade later, the Reyne renewed their allegiance with the Targaryen during the Fifth Blackfyre Rebellion where his late uncle, Lord Roger Reyne led the Royalist army to victory at Stepstones. Of course, at the end of the chapter, the infamous Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion which ended with the presumed extermination of his ancestor.

Fredrik resumed his travel and reached Highgarden, seat of House Tyrell. Here, he met Ser Loras Tyrell who impressed by Fredrik's heroic action in single-handedly saving his sister, Margaery from a group of bandit. He invited him to join the grand feast organized by Lord Mace Tyrell. But, since he is hiding his true identity and use his "bastard" name instead, Fredrik is coldly welcomed in the feast.

After two weeks of casual ride, Fredrik crossed the Reach-Westerland border near Crakehall and reached Lannisport. This is a principal city-port of the Westerland, a bustling metropolitan thanks to its strategic location as the gateway to the West. There, he went to Lannisport Bank and withdrawn a small portion of dragon coins in Lord Gerold's trustee account which was actually inheritance wealth of House Reyne.

He continue to ride north and came across the ruins of Castamere. This is his first visit to the former seat of House Reyne where four hundred souls lost their lives after being drowned by Lord Tywin Lannister, including five members of his family. Ignoring the risk, he went deep into the sunken castle. Eventhough the site has been abandoned for over forty years, there were still a considerable amount of water inside the main hall. The Red Lion banners were seen floating. Fredrik took one of the banner and kept it in his bag. He decided to rest for a night before resuming his journey tomorrow.

While dismantling his camp, he was greeted by a group of villagers from the nearest village. An old man approached Fredrik and told him "You do look like a young Lord Roger". A confused Fredrik just shake his head in denial. The old man asked "You are his son, isn't? Don't be afraid young man, we know who you are..we shall protect the heir of Castamere". Another man replied "Yes, it's definitely him. He carry Roger's sword.." The villagers brought Fredrik to the village-fort of Gold Sheer which currently administered by Ser Lyman Vikary. Previously, the village is under protection of House Reyne for over centuries before the family perished after their failed rebellion. 

Shortly after false imprisonment of Lord Eddard Stark, the North's army under his eldest son, Robb advanced southward to free his family members whom held captive at King's Landing. Riverlands is already in turmoil as the region has been razed by Tywin in response to Tully's intervention in the conflict. The capital, Riverrun is now under siege by Ser Jaime Lannister while his father rode eastward to capture Harrenhall. Whilst most of Westerland's army were away from their homeland, the Ironborn landed near the Crag to raid its defenseless coast. The closest army is located at Oxcross under the command of Ser Stafford Lannister was unable to reinforce the region due to Tywin's strict order which required them to guard Ser Jaime's rear. This left Westerland vulnerable to the Ironborn raiding parties, razing farmlands, burning crops, pillaging septries and most horribly, killing many innocents.

With no Westerland's commander dared to meet the fearsome Ironborn, Fredrik gathered a small party of 300 men-at-arms and 200 longbowmen from Golden Sheer to intercept 2,000 Ironborn led by the heir of Iron Island, Yara Greyjoy. He was later joined by a Westerling contingent of around 300 heavy infantry, making a total number of 800 Westerland's defender to throw the invader back to Iron Island. 

Outnumbered two to one, Fredrik decided to fortify high ground near the ruins of Tarbeck Hall and taking advantages of its hilly plain and dense forest. He placed his missile unit at the back, well concealed in light forest and positioned his line of heavy infantry at the middle, supported by men-at-arms in both flanks. If he can destroy the Ironborn here, the Westerland region will be safe from any future incursion.

Confidence with her numerical superiority, Yara led her troops in an all-out attack against the defender at 10am. Fredrik ordered his missile unit to release heavy arrow from a stunning distance of 500 metres, more than enough to inflict casualties to the Ironborn before the actual engagement. By the time they reached the Westerland first line of defenses, Yara already loss one third of her army.

Heavy fighting occurred at the center as the fearsome Ironborn Housecarl attempted to punch through the Westerland's infantry. A fearless Fredrik joined the battle, killing many Ironborn in process including Dagmer, Yara's second in-command. While his center able to withstand the relentless attack, Fredrik instructed his left flank to enveloped the Ironborn in a brilliant pincer movement. 

Simultaneously, Fredrik led the right flank to pressed Yara's position. Bitter fighting happened as the confused Ironborn desperately seek to find way out from the pocket. Despite their valiant effort, the exhausted Ironborn surrendered their arms, together with its commander. 

At the end of the battle, Yara suffered 1,500 dead and 300 wounded, while the Westerlanders lost 300 men. The heir of Iron Island was captured along with her 200 troops and will be send to the Crag. Ser Fredrik then met Lord Rolph Spicer who congratulated him on the victory, he offered him to serve House Spicer which Fredrik politely declined. Instead, he agreed to accompany Lord Rolph in the battlefield as the military advisor. 

299AC - In the aftermath of Jamie's defeat at Whispering Woods, Riverrun is liberated by the North. Worsening the situation, Robb Stark already doubled his forces with additional reinforcement from House Tully and Frey. The army, 20,000 strong is now advancing into the Westerland region. The only standing army marshaled by Ser Stafford Lannister is located at Oxcross numbered around 20,000 soldiers mostly raw recruits. There are a few sizable garrison at the Crag and Crakehall that can be quickly mobilize to reinforce the defensive operations. However, the army is lacking a capable commander to challenge the brilliant mind of the Young Wolf, since most of the senior lords were away from the region as a part of Tywin's war council. 

Lord Spicer received a raven from Oxcross with the news of Lannister's defeat by Robb Stark. The army lost most of its forces and Ser Stafford was among the dead. A couple of days later, the survivor around 6,000 men led by Ser Daven Lannister arrived at Golden Sheer bearing the news of Robb Stark's rapid incursion into Westerland. A coward's Daven secretly fled the village and make his way to Lannisport, together with his entourage. Lord Spicer who feared for his safety also retreating back to its castle leaving the confused Westerland ranks, leaderless. 

Fredrik determined to fight for his homeland, he delivered a speech to encourage the Westerlanders - "Don't fight for the Lannister, don't fight for honor, don't fight for glory, don't fight for riches because you won't get any. This is your land the Stark means to raze. If they gets in here, it will be your houses they burns, your gold they steals, your women they raped! Come on Son of Westerland, let's throw them back! Just like that, he managed to improve the morale of the shattered army. He assembled the survivor, together with 800 men from Golden Sheer to meet the enemy. After the sacking of Ashemark, Robb Stark split his army into two - the first army commanded by himself swung eastward to Harrenhal in order to link up with Lord Bolton. He left a considerable force, around 12,000 troops under the joint command of Lord Manderly & Lord Umber to continue the Northmen push into the Westerland.

Seizing the opportunity, Fredrik decided to deploy a defeat in-detail strategy against the Northmen. His first target is Manderly's army who letting their guard down while plundering Nunn's Deep gold mine. Fredrik take half of its forces and march stealthily guided by Westerland's ranger, bypassing Ashemark and arrived at the peak of Pendric Hills two days later. 

Without delay, he ordered the Westerlander's missile unit to shower the North's position with hundreds of arrows and bolts, wrecking havoc to the surprised Manderly's soldiers. At the same time, a solid spear wall were being formed by Fredrik's army. Knowing his rookie might not be able to absorb the Northmen brute force in a frontal attack, he placed them in the second line instead, to support the center. His flanks are protected by a well trained Westerland's men-at-arms. 

While the missile attack managed to inflicted heavy casualties to Lord Manderly, he rallied his troops to attack Fredrik's line. 5,000 Northmen marching uphill and continues to suffer losses and eventually reaching the battle line. Fredrik spearman threw another volley of javelin and spear towards the advancing foe before locking their shield.

Fighting like the legendary Roman army, the Westerlanders able to absorb the weight of the attack, slashing every Northmen who dared to came close to their shield wall. 

From horseback, Fredrik continue to give instruction and morale support to his troops before joining the battle to reinforce his failing left flank manned by rookie's troops against Mormont's heavy infantry. Here, he managed to delivered a deadly blow to Lady Maege Mormont, resulted a collapse on Manderly's right wing. Taking the advantage, Fredrik led his victorious left flank to strike the North's army from its guardless flank.

At the Battle of Nunn's Deep, the Westerlander successfully overrun the Northmen and destroyed them. Lord Manderly suffered 5,000 dead or wounded and 1,000 captured including himself and a few Northern's nobles. Fredrik loss is minimal, from its initial 3,000 men - he lost 500 soldiers. He also managed to freed Lord Gawen Westerling whom taken captive by the North after Jaime's defeat at Whispering Wood a few weeks ago. Fredrik sent raven to his squire, Podrick at Golden Sheer, informing on the victory and urged the entire garrison to merge with him at Castamere. At the same time, he sent one of his troops disguised as Northmen to inform Lord Karstark on Manderly's "victory" and requesting his support to besiege the last Westerland's army at Castamere. The trap is set. 

Lord Karstark left Ashemark with his entire army, around 6,000 soldiers marching deep into Westerland region to Castamere. Upon reaching the ruins of the former seat of House Reyne, the North's commander saw the Westerland's camp was on fire with Manderly and Mormont banners presence in the battlefield. Confidence that the attack already in process, he rushed his troops forwards to join the battle. Fredrik is about to execute his warfare masterclass.

As the advancing Northmen reached the muddy field, Fredrik released a fire arrow to signal the beginning of ambush. In a matter of seconds, a thousands of arrows were being released from three sides - from the front, left and right, all directed to the main Northern army. Lord Manderly was among the first casualties of the ambush, followed by his son, Ser Wylis. A merciless waves of missile attack continues to shower the confused Northmen. 

After an hour of relentless missile bombardment committed by the Young Red Lion, the battlefield was silent with only a sound of moaning heard from the killing zone. Under the flag of truce, Fredrik rode forward to meet the survivor. Such carnage have been made at the field of Castamere as 4,000 Northmen were being killed and another 2,000 wounded and captured. A few numbers of Westerland's nobles such as Lord Roland Crakehall and Ser Lyman Vikary were being saved after the battle. As the victorious Fredrik leave the battlefield, he heard a voice from the ruined castle.."You are the Red Lion now. You are the last Reyne, Fredrik." 

A month later, the tales of Fredrik's heroic action spreading out across Westeros, even at the capital itself. A tales of an unknown hero of Westerland who in a short span of time, managed to threw the Ironborn back to their island, and won two brilliant victories against the Northmen which saw their retreat back to the friendly Riverlands. Robb Stark was unable to direct another expedition to the Westerland region as he is now facing the might of Lannister-Reach's army after Tywin's victory against Stannis at King's Landing which secured his Eastern front. 

Fredrik was invited as a special guest in a grand feast organized by Lord Gawen Westerling at the Crag. He is being approached by Ser Lyman Vikary who quickly recognized the Red Rain. "Where do you get that sword Fredrik, it's terrifying." Fredrik replied "I inherited this sword from my father, who inherited it from my uncle and my grandfather before him". Ser Lyman quickly knelled "My lord..Forgive me. I failed your uncle, I failed your father. Let me served you now...". Most of the audience in the hall were stunned with Ser Lyman's strange act. Lord Westerling asked "What happened here? Why are you kneeling to him, Ser Lyman?". "My lord Westerling. He is Lord Fredrik Reyne. Son of Reynard of Castamere" . "How is it possible?" Fredrik then step forward and tell the story about his father's miraculous escape, on how they continue to live secretly to avoid wrath of the Lannister. "History is written by the victor. Everyone here know the tragic Rains of Castamere, but no one know the true story. It was my brave uncle, Roger who saved Kevan at Stepstones. It was my dearest aunt, Ellyn who forced to wed Tion in order to save Casterly Rock. It was the Lannister who indebted to us. How they paid the debt? They drowned us. My lords, my ladies, House Reyne doesn't do any wrong.." Such a strong emotion shown by Fredrik to his audience in telling the truth about the tragic story of his ancestor. 

"Lord Fredrik, I was wrong to believe Tywin. I knew the truth but I feared him. We all feared him more than his father. Lord Crakehall knew it too, but they held our heir as hostage.." cried Lord Westerling. The feast hall was silent, no one dare to speak until Lord Spicer delivered his motion "Tywin abandoned us for his incest grandsons! He was blinded by his legacy! He let the Ironborn raid our coast! He let the Stark sacked our land and plundered our gold. He never care on his subject! Only one man here in this hall did the impossible. Lord Fredrik Reyne. The Red Lion of Castamere!" Such fiery speech followed by a jubilant roar from the crowd. Yes. It's happened now. The rebellion has begun as Fredrik was named to lead the rebels army with lords from House Westerling, Crakehall, Spicer and Vikary pledged their fealty to the new savior of Westerland. 

300AC - Further news from the Twins, Robb Stark and his entourage has been murdered in the infamous Red Wedding instigated by the Tywin Lannister, carried out by Lord Roose Bolton and Lord Walder Frey. The incident effectively ended the War of the Five Kingdoms with the removal of House Stark and House Tully as the Ruler of the North and Trident, respectively. With the end of conflict, Tywin's army is now returning to Westerland with a total number of 30,000 troops to deal with yet another threat; the Civil War of Lions.

Yup, that's the first episode of my new mini series, but this one I think ada dalam tiga episodes sahaja. Rangka cerita dah ada, cuma kena spend time layan AWOIAF sekejap untuk collect visual material. Huu

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