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Kisah AKU n The Grey Wolf - For The Watch


For those yang missed the first episode untuk my alternative miniseries ni can check on below links.

  1. Ep 1 : The Grey Wolf - Black Brothers

The year is 304 AC. Commander Fredrik Greystark took control Shadow Tower and its surrounding camps after the death of Denys Mallister. It has been a year since the first sighting of Wight after their disappearance eight millennia ago. Upon reached his office from a routine training session, Fredrik finally had the opportunity to read a sealed letter from Bear Island, the ancestral seat of House Mormont.

As a high-born member, Fredrik have the privilege to leave the Wall with permission from the Lord Commander to attend other matters. He sailed from Shadow Jetty and landed at the island where he met the current Lady of Bear Island, Dacey Mormont. There, he reconciled with his wife whom later revealed their three years old son, Edrik. He was conceived just before Fredrik surrendered Wolf's Den to his sister and decided to join the Night's Watch a few years ago. While he is unable to break his sacred oath, Fredrik promised to visit his son frequently, who is by right the heir of House Greystark. 

Shortly after he came back to Shadow Tower, he was being informed by Bronson to meet Lord Commander Jon Snow for a very important meeting at Fist of the First Men between Night's Watch and Wildlings chieftains.

There, he met with commander of Eastwatch, Alliser Thorne and other senior leaders. Jon Snow later revealed his intention to allow Wildlings refugee to cross the Wall and shelter them from the Wight. The hall was silent. All of them knew it is a sacrilege towards the Night's Watch oath, a millennia of oath to protect the realm from anything Beyond the Wall including the Wildlings. Most of the senior leaders rejected the motion especially Alliser who remind the Lord Commander on their sacred duty, Jon Snow later responded that the Night King will use the dead Wildlings and turn them against the living later. Fredrik agreed with Jon Snow's reason and support the motion, followed by Eddison. Alliser however left the meeting, enraged by the Lord Snow's decision.

A couple of days later, Fredrik was sent by Lord Snow to lead an expedition Beyond the Wall in order to ensure the Wildlings can safely make their way to the Wall unharmed. After securing Wildlings convoy from Frostfangs and Fist of the First Men, Fredrik prepared his army to return.

On his way back, the Night's Watch halted by a blizzard and were forced to retreat to nearest cave. Here, Fredrik learnt about the origin of the Wight through an inscription and drawing inside the cave. 

His contingent accidentally came across a Wildlings's party led by The Weeper near Milkwater. Unsure about this unknown party, Fredrik ready his troops in a battle formation. As far as he know, there's a report of a rogue Wildlings party lurking in the area and wanted to stop the expedition's effort. This party does not concur any cooperation with the Night's Watch and preferred to live and die Beyond the Wall.

5,000 Wildlings ambushed Fredrik's 2,000 Night's Watch troops in their old-fashioned way. Thanks to Fredrik who introduced comprehensive training to his soldiers, the Night's Watch under his supervision is considered the best among the other corps and able to maintain its discipline under heavy pressure.

Wave after wave of attack were repulsed with the Night's Watch only suffered little casualties. Fredrik knew if they break rank to attack, the sheer number of Wildlings will just swarm their position and annihilate them. He ordered his troops to hold the line and absorb the attack until he find the right time to counter-attack.

Fredrik saw the opportunity to strike back when the Wildlings start to waver. The infantry break their rank and charged the enemy downhill, supported by a shower of arrows from the ranger to cut down the retreat.

The victorious Fredrik captured the Wildlings leader, The Weeper. After a few round of interrogation, he learnt that the warparty was being ordered by Alliser to track and destroy Fredrik's army and intercept any Wildlings convoy en route to the Wall. 

Fredrik's army camped near Milkwater to wait for news from Castle Black. Strangely, he does not received any news from Lord Snow in the past two days. Instead, he received a raven from Alliser Thorne who demanded him to surrender his army and renew his allegiance to the Night's Watch oath. His instinct was right. Castle Black is now under control by a group of mutineers led by Commander Alliser Thorne. Jon Snow was being imprisoned together with his loyal Night's Watch members.

An experienced commander, Fredrik sent one of his trusted rider dressed in a Wildlings cloth to infiltrate Castle Black bearing news from The Weeper. The rider successfully entered the headquarter and met Alliser, providing him with false information on The Weeper's movement and Fredrik's "dire" situation.

The rider returned to Milkwater and feed his intel - around 6,000 Night's Watch pledged their support to Alliser's cause. Another 1,000 under Eddison Tollett refused to cooperate and holed up in the Shadow Tower, now under siege by one of mutiny leader, Endrew Tarth. 

Unable to cross the Wall, Fredrik's troops moved westward and scaled the Skirling Pass, at the same time he sent raven to his wife, Lady Dacey requesting a transport ships to bypass the Wall via Bay of Ice. The plan worked. 1,800 Night Watch embarked and silently landed near Shadow Jetty and race to relief the besieged Shadow Tower. 

After successfully crushed Endrew's mutinous army, Fredrik advanced to Castle Black with 2,500 elite Night's Watch to rescue the loyalist. Alliser Thorne, now only left with 4,000 men decided to holed up in Castle Black while waiting for his reinforcing clansmen from the South. Fredrik request a parley with the rebel leader demanded him to surrender. Alliser, thinking he still have the numerical superiority rejected and chose to fight.

A handful reinforcement, around 1,000 clansmen consisted of Clan Harclays and Clan Norrey appeared from the loyalist's rear. They decided to conduct a diversionary attack against Fredrik's position near Molestown in order to regroup with Alliser's army.

Fredrik easily crushed the clansmen with no serious casualties from his side. Although outnumbered, he continues to siege Castle Black in order to corner the traitor. He knew his army is well trained and saw more combat experience than soldiers at Alliser's disposal. Fredrik himself is a better field commander and had many battle experience compared to him. 

The siege continues for another two weeks, Fredrik had the luxury to replenish his supplies due to his good relations with the villages within Brandon's Gift. The only thing he concerned is the safety of Jon Snow and the loyalists whom being imprisoned since the first day of siege.

At 7am in the morning, Alliser sent 1,000 troops in a surprise attack against Fredrik's siege line. Around 700 Night's Watch ranger sallied out and released a hundred of arrows towards their former brethren. 

Followed by cavalry support of 300 Night's Watch raider led by Othell Yarwyck. The attack was swift but fruitless. Despite suffered heavy blow, the loyalist still maintain their siege line and managed to fend off the sudden attack.

Fredrik led his own cavalry to strike back. Lack of coordination between Alliser's ranger and their cavalry support proven disastrous as his initial attack was being annihilated with only little survivor managed to retreat back to Castle Black. 

Commander Thorne, already in a desperate situation after his failed attack decided to sally forth at 10am. 2,000 Night's Watch were being commit for an all-out attack against Fredrik who still held a comfortable position and well provisioned throughout the siege.

Night's Watch mutineers led by Bowen Marsh strike Fredrik's left in an ambitious flanking maneuver but suffered a heavy casualties as they met a fresh line of shield wall formation whom held their ground

Fredrik led his newly formed Night's Watch raider to smashed Bowen's fighting units and slaughtered many mutinous soldiers in process, including its commander.

The final waves of 1,000 Night's Watch was being sent by Alliser in his desperate attempt to break Fredrik's center. The attack also failed as the mutineers quickly mowed down by a hail of arrows from the loyalist's ranger. To finish off the battle, Fredrik ordered a general attack against Alliser's wavering troops. 

At the height of battle, both commander engaged in a breathtaking duel. Both a remarkable swordsman continues to showcase their sword skills. But, experience prevailed as Fredrik managed to disarmed Alliser and thrust his Valyrian sword in the heart of the traitorous commander.

The battle is over at 12pm with majority of the mutineers were either killed or wounded and 1,000 captured. The aftermath of Alliser's mutiny proven devastating to the Night's Watch as the strength were left with less than 4,000 men. A number of senior leaders were killed in the battle including Commander Alliser Throne, Deputy Commander Endrew Tarth, First Steward Bowen Marsh and First Builder Othell Yarwyck.

Shortly after the fall of Castle Black in the hand of Commander Fredrik, he managed to found Jon Snow and hundred of loyalist soldiers imprisoned in the dungeon. The survivor were being saved and given food to regain their health and energy after two weeks in captive. As an acting Lord Commander, Fredrik sent a group of raider to Craster's Keep to escort the Wildlings convoy to cross the Wall and thus, completed his mission. Much to the awe of his fellow brothers, Fredrik managed to score two achievements in one shor - bring back the Wildlings and restore Jon Snow as the Lord Commander.

In total, the Night's Watch order loss 4,000 men from its original strength of 9,000 troops mostly in the aftermath of two battles - Shadow Tower and Castle Black. At the end of Alliser's mutiny, Fredrik continues to serve the brotherhood with substantial task to recruit new soldiers and retrain the army. This is important to ensure the Wall is sufficiently manned when times come for the White Walker invasion, soon. A long night will come and it bring darkness and terror to the living. It is the duty of Night's Watch to be the front-line in the fight of living against the dead. 

Next would be the final episode, but it will take sometimes since White Walker invasion is long way to go. Right now, I'm at day 500, according to forum the invasion will be triggered somewhere around day 700.

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