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Kisah AKU n The Long Night - Battle of Arpotis


Pagi ni terasa rajin nak sambung sikit progress Bannerlord aku. Hero kita dilanda kedukaan minggu ni. Tapi, setiap kisah ada sinarnya dihujung jalan. 

Robb Stark renewed his hostilities with Tywin Lannister after a year of truce between the two kingdoms. Greywater Watch is one of two castles lies in the frontier between The North and The South. It became Robb's prime target to retake his lost ground from the previous war. 15,000 strong Northmen command by The Young Wolf himself together with troops from House Umber, Glover and Cerwyn advanced southward to strike Fredrik's position at Greywatch. Another 15,000 men led by Lord Howland Reed followed by troops from House Manderly, Hornwood and Talhart laying siege of Moat Cailin. Lady Maege Mormont's 5,000 troops perform it's duty as rear guard of the invasion forces. In total, Robb Stark managed to assembled 35,000 men to strike Tywin's northern frontier.

Ser Fredrik sent a raven to King Tywin requesting reinforcement, however the nearest field army command by the King himself is encamped near Harrenhal which is nearly impossible to reach Greywater before the North. Later, a sizable reinforcement of 8,000 men led by Fredrik's uncle Lord Roland Crakehall together with several lord from House Frey, Greenfield and Swyft was on the move from The Twins

Greywater is not a proper defensive castle and most of the work done when he took over the castle is not sufficient to hold the siege. Fearing encirclement, Ser Fredrik chose to abandoned his untenable position together with 800 troops mostly cavalrymen and retreat southward to join Crakehall's army.

Shortly after the fall of Greywater, the two armies met near village of Arpotis with 15,000 Northmen about to faces 9,000 Southmen in the inevitable Battle of Arpotis. 

In this battle, Ser Fredrik command the left wing while his wife, Lady Margery whom pregnant with their first child was left behind with a handful bodyguard and camp follower in the allied camp.

The battle starts around 12pm, with Robb Stark send his infantry led by Lord Robert Glover against Crakehall's right which is defended by Lord Harys Swyft. At 30-minutes interval between the first attack, Lord Medger Cerwyn led his skirmishers to test Crakehall's center which being firmly held by Lord Walder Frey.  

Fredrik's led his cavalry, some 500 men to threat Robb's right wing in order to ease the pressure. The sudden charge managed to wreck havoc and routed North's archers. Simultaneously, Robb Stark strike Crakehall's left which is lightly defended by Lord Preston Greenfield.

With both flanks exposed, Lord Roland Crakehall sent his reinforcement to aid Frey's crumbling shield wall to tight his center. Both army are fully commit into the battle by 2pm.

Ser Fredrick regroup with Ser Dickon Tarly's heavy cavalry unit and combined their force to form around strong 1,000 cavalrymen. Later, he led another cavalry charge to hit Robb from the rear. The charge was so successful to break the North and later well enveloped to support Crakehall's critical left and right flank.  

Here, Ser Fredrik managed to saved Lord Greenfield's life by slaying Lord Robett Glover in a duel. With his death, Glover's troops was being completely routed.

In the heat of battle around 4pm, a detachment of North's flying column commanded by Lord Greatjon Umber stealthily attack the allied camp. Seeing black smoke from the ill-fated camp, Ser Fredrik took a few cavalry squadron to strike the aggressor which managed to take them out by surprise. However, it was too late as the North already massacred majority of the camp occupants including Lady Margery.

In retaliation, Fredrik summarily executed Lord Umber together with his surviving troops and later rode back to the rejoin the main battle. 

The battle was over at 6pm with the remnant of the North fled the battlefield. Some 3,000 Northmen captured including Robb Stark and Lord Medger Cerwyn, while Lord Robett Glover and Lord Greatjon Umber were killed in action together with 7,000 soldiers. The rest managed to escaped back to Moat Cailin to regroup with Reed's army.

A pyrrhic victory for Lord Crakehall which casualties took it tolls with around 3,000 dead and 2,000 soldiers wounded in action. Southern's noble perished including Lord Walder Frey whom valiantly held the center throughout the battle, also Lady Margery Redfyre whom being killed inside the camp.

Although heartbroken with the death of his wife and unborn son, Ser Fredrik remain composed and joined Tywin's 40,000 strong army to strike back the North. 

King Tywin Lannister, a master tactician and battle hardened commander managed to recaptured Greywater and Moat Cailin, seized key cities such as Flint Fingers and Hornwood, and a number of castles during the invasion. The road to Winterfell is now open.

At the mid stage of invasion, Fredrik was being approached by Lord Preston Greenfield offering his daughter, Nereida as a token of appreciation for Fredrik's bravery in saving his life during the Battle of Arpotis.

Ser Fredrik Redfyre married Lady Nereida Greenfield in a small feast at The Twins before he set out to rejoin Tywin's siege of White Harbor and his famous march to the Wall.

A year later, the couple has been blessed with a twin named Patrys and Lysica, the future Lord and Lady of House Redfyre. The war is over with the fall of Winterfell, Tywin Lannister managed to overrun and seized most of North land with exception of Skagos and Bear islands. Robb Stark continue his guerrilla warfare with the help of the Night Watch but unable to offer significant resistance to the Southern army.

After the end of bloody North campaign on 372AC, Ser Fredrik travel back to his new fief at Flint's Finger and spend the rest of peaceful time there together with his family. Unknowing to him and most of the Southern people, the Targaryen's invasion is coming to them and it is inevitable. Daenerys Targaryen already amassed her army of Unsullied and Dothraki, together with one full grown dragon, ready to hit Westeros and claim the Iron Throne from King Tywin.

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